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Letters to the Editor

People should do research before sending letters to the editor

On November 19, 2014, there were two letters to the editor that were factually incorrect. And let me state that these thoughts I am writing are mine and mine alone and have nothing to do with the fact that I am a sitting town board member.

The first letter was on campaign signs. It stated “the Town of Pahrump” and goes on to say “the Town’s current statutes.” Please allow me to respectfully inform Mr. Gossard with the following: First, the Town of Pahrump has no campaign sign or any sign statutes, your town is unincorporated, meaning that issue falls to Nye County to regulate.

The people that have control over the political signs besides the candidates and their volunteers, is the Nye County Clerk’s Office, NOT the Town of Pahrump. And I would not bother to ask the newly-elected Nye County Clerk about the problem because her signs just came down and yes, her signs were not removed in the required time either, so why would she make other candidates adhere to the rules.

I wish people would stop blaming the town for all the problems they see when most of the complaints fall under the control of the Nye County elected officials or their staff. How about we say “Thank You” to all the responsible candidates and their volunteers who picked up their signs right after the election. Now that would be something nice to read.

As for the letter on the homeless issue, first I would like to say to Ms. Laird, thank you for helping someone in need. We need more people like you in the community that are willing to help others. I wish Ms. Laird would have said the person’s name that she spoke to at the Salvation Army because they seem to be uninformed on the matter of people working on getting a homeless shelter in our community.

The current town board has had the town manager and staff working on this issue for almost two years now in conjunction with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Pahrump Chapter 15. The past DAV Commander, Redell Samuel and current DAV Commander Bruce Cox are committed to work together with the town to resolve the homeless issue.

However, with the changeover in January 2015 to the county commissioners running this community, who knows what will happen. They only seem to talk about issues that never go anywhere, but time will tell.

Bill Dolan

Certified Public Official, Vice-Chairman Pahrump Town Board

& Judge Advocate for Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 15

Thanks from Nevada Silver Tappers

On behalf of B.J. Hetrick-Irwin, the Board of Directors, the Nevada Silver Tappers and Ms. Senior Golden Years USA, we would like to commend and thank the Pahrump community and our excellent committee for our successful “Vets Swing” benefit that was held recently.

Although we have donated to the veterans in the past, this was our very first attempt to honor them and their families in person. The evening included dinner, dancing, awards, auctions and the opportunity to recognize each of them personally.

A check will be presented by B. J. Hetrick-Irwin at the Nevada Silver Tappers’ Benefit shows on December 13, which will be at 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., at the Saddle West Hotel and Casino.

If you would like to purchase tickets to the show, you may purchase them from any Tapper, the Chamber of Commerce, Secret Sisters, Sunflower Fashions or by calling 775-727-7011.

Thank you once again to our community and the many veterans (past and present) who have provided each of us with the freedom we have today.

Mitzi Sears

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