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Letters to the Editor

Pronounced guilty before the facts are known

In the Old West some used to say, “Let’s get this trial over with so we can get on with the hanging.” Similar thinking seems to be prevalent with many local Republicans. Yes, I am aware that Sandoval and Oscarson campaigned on “no new taxes.” However one of the purposes of a republic (which is what we have) is that the elected representatives, in this case Oscarson and Sandoval, are supposed to have the time and also take the time to scrutinize very important issues and then decide what is best for those being governed. I am certain that they analyzed every aspect of what new taxes would do as opposed to the status quo. They must have had committee reports and countless studies done by experts and undoubtedly looked at our situation from every angle possible.

Our schools are at or near the bottom. A well-qualified teacher in Nevada, making only $50,000 per year, is very likely to leave for California where he may make $80,000. So the argument that “throwing more money won’t fix the problem” is not entirely true.

As a Democrat I don’t like to pay more for goods and services to businesses for added revenue to be passed on to government any more than Republicans. However, and this is the big issue, if the added revenue to government will improve our educational system and also create a modern medical school in Las Vegas, then why not?

I know for a fact that Oscarson agonized over this issue and considered every angle, including his pledge not to raise taxes. In the end he must have decided that his duty to Nevada outweighed his pledge of no new taxes, that what happened to him was not as important as the welfare of Nevada. I want to get the facts before I pronounce sentence. Therefore, I am asking Mr. Oscarson to give us his reasons for the tax increases, and how they will improve the problem, and that his report be published in our local newspapers.

Jim Ferrell

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