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Letters to the Editor

Tails End closing due to funding loss

To the people of Pahrump:

Tails End Animal Clinic is scheduled to close due to non-funding, leaving many loving pets in need of homes and workers out of jobs.

Animal lovers can you open your hearts and wallets to adopt these animals?

We adopted a few, finding them most enjoyable and willing to adapt to our house rules. If treated well, they will make wonderful loving companions.

Vickie Katick


Still looking for the political sure thing

A sure thing, now that’s what I’m looking for. A lead pipe sure thing. Something a guy can really count on. I mean a fact that you can take to the bank and it won’t bounce.

I guess there are some things that are for sure. Will the BLM continue to push folks around? That’s a sure thing, but no, every once in a while they do some good. No sure bet there … How about Pahrump runs out of water, you can get odds on that. But what if it rains? I guess that’s no good either … I got one now for sure! How do you like this one? Our president, Barack Obama, continues his weasel-like lying ways. Sure bet? Well, wait a minute, in six years there has got to be some situation that the Great One handled the right way … Can’t think of anything right now but in six years there has to be something! Oh yeah, Bin Laden, but alas no, that was our brave servicemen, heroes all.

But still there must be something so no trip to the bank on this one … It hit me! A bolt from the blue! That feeling like your pony is at the finish line and you got the win, place and show, plus the exacta! I got it, it’s the Republicans, finally a sure thing. Let me explain. I was so optimistic when they won both houses. I said you just watch, they will really show their cojones now. They will stop this nonsense regarding our socialist president. Yes, yes. Hooray, hooray. But alas, I guess I am just an old fool to believe in the two-party system that was somewhat true in years gone by.

Well at least I found the sure thing I was looking for, something a guy can really count on. It is the fact that the Republicans will continue giving Obama anything and everything he wants. Yeah, they’ll carp and bitch, rant and rave, but when it comes time to vote they will vote with Obama.

One more sure thing … if you see an issue that the Dems and Repubs agree on, the American people are just about to get screwed. Take it to the bank.

Adrian Hill

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When will the governor stop moving the goalpost?

Has anyone else wondered when this “Panic-Demic” is going to end? Let me recap what we were told when this all started.

STEVE SEBELIUS: Was Trump campaigning or trolling in Nevada?

If Trump’s visit was primarily a political stunt rather than a legitimate attempt to court the Nevada vote — and there’s reason to suspect it was — then give his campaign credit for a well-played weekend.

Will America be the next great civilization to fall?

As I watch and read the news reports of the shooting of the police officers in Compton, California, my faith in humankind’s future has doubts creeping around the edges of my thoughts.

DEBRA SAUNDERS: In exclusive interview, Trump slams Sisolak, defends indoor rally

President Donald Trump told the Review-Journal on Sunday that he did not believe he was subject to an order limiting gatherings to 50 people when he addressed a crowd of thousands at an indoor rally in Henderson.

Are we sure we are really ‘following the science’?

Now I don’t think that phrase, “follow the science” means what we think it means. I know we hear it a lot, but I’d like to show three instances when it just doesn’t really mean what we think it means.