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Letters to the Editor

Reader has issue with letter’s criticism of schools

David Jaronik’s last three articles are nothing more than useless philosophical drivel. He accuses me of writing about what is wrong with America (not true) and not understanding our history. What rubbish. Having taught American History for 30 years, I certainly do not need a boorish lesson from David on slavery or the founding of this great nation.

In David’s second writing he laments the fact that we no longer teach home-economics or wood-working in our schools. Apparently he doesn’t realize this is 2021 and not 1951. His obnoxious criticism of our dedicated educators and contempt for today’s students are annoying and unwarranted. Children all around the world have adapted quite well to the technological advances in recent decades.

Thirdly, he criticizes George Tucker and his facts in a recent article while not offering one fact of his own. Again he subjects us to a pile of pointless and pompous proclamations about Wikipedia. How utterly boring.

Instead of offering nothing but rambling utterances, it would be nice if David actually took a stance on a real issue. I might be interested in his opinion concerning on how much money citizens should receive in a stimulus check or why 3,000 Americans continue to die daily from Covid. He could also comment on Mr. Trump’s recent pardons or the cyberattack from Russian that is going unanswered by our president.

I await his next article and hope, for once, that he writes something that is actually interesting and worthy of discussion.

Dennis Crooks

Commentary on Barr departure sparks criticism

I noted the commentary by Debra Saunders in the 12/23/20 edition on the departure of AG Barr, especially where she quoted WAPO columnist Ruth Marcus’ comments about his, “bootlicking resignation letter,” and Robin Givhan’s, “Trump’s protective bunker,” quote.

How silly of both of these two brainless twits.

Barr is what I call a “Bushie Globalist.” He was also AG for President Bush, and those were both globalist admins, not known for any great affinity to the principles of populism for which Trump was associated. Barr proved that lack of affinity by blindingly refusing to see any cause to investigate the multiple instances of electoral shenanigans in the recent election. Don’t let your lying eyes fool you when you see a Las Vegas TV station interview of cash and other prizes being offered for votes, or the multiple sworn affidavits of those who witnessed foul acts of voter fraud including a truck driver who illegally drove 140,000 votes across state lines from New York to Pennsylvania at the direction of USPS officials (Hey, Bill, that would be a federal agency), ALL of which were votes for Biden. It is a federal felony to transport votes across state lines.

Hey, Bill. Just a thought here. You may have to LOOK for crimes that may have been committed and not rely on your infallible sense of crime detection by holding up an envelope to your head with that silly Arab headdress on in a Johnny Carson-esque caricature and announce with all due seriousness that there just isn’t any evidence of any electioneering malfeasance. Yeah, right, Bill.

Barr was at best an inexplicable choice for AG at best, and a horrendously bad one at worst. As a good little globalist, he would always be diametrically opposed to Trump’s populist policies and should never even have been considered. There are others that would have been far better choices.

But you can always count on the Trump-hating buffoons in the press to reliably and always make fools of themselves like these two drones here, Marcus and Givham, along with a whole bevy of equally drone-like buffoons in the press who are equally wedded to their stupid and reflexively awful reaction to all things Trump no matter how popular he is with average Americans.

Trump got at least 73 million votes.

Who thinks Biden got 79 million votes? Who? Who is that delusional? During the campaign, Biden couldn’t get more than 150 people to a campaign event. Trump got tens of thousands.

So, Barr parachutes in 40-plus FBI agents to investigate whether a rope pull on a garage door at a NASCAR track is a noose, but not ONE FBI agent to investigate election fraud. And Barr was Trump’s bootlicker and protective bunker? Really? Seriously?

That’s some bootlicking protective bunker there.

And that is why those average Americans who voted for Trump have a higher opinion of telemarketers than they do of the press.

I would ask these two drones, Marcus and Givham, if they bloviate much?

No one believes these election results. NO ONE. Not Republicans and not Democrats, just for different reasons. Republicans know the election was stolen from Trump and they were therefore disenfranchised. Democrats firmly believe they had a right to disenfranchise every Trump voter by cheating, stealing and lying during the election because, “We had to get rid of Trump no matter what!”

Every press drone knows that and is still snickering about it. Soon, they will no longer be able to contain their hilarity over all of it and proudly proclaim their illegality.

And then the wheels fall off.

And press drones like those two are simply too dumb to get that.

Vince Clark

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Letters to the Editor

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