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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making 90th birthday special

Thank you Pahrump for making my 90th birthday a very special blessing. You are the most giving community in the USA and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Finding the words to properly thank you and all that you have done for me is difficult since I can’t thank each of you personally, I hope that this heartfelt thank you will suffice.

B.J. Hetrick, President and Executive Director

Nevada Silver Tappers and Ms. Golden Years USA

Trying not to be part of the problem

This is in response to the gentleman complaining about the motorcycle officer giving his son-in-law a traffic ticket. Well, first of all, sir, what part of “stop sign” is so hard to understand. First of all you stated that your son-in-law admitted to “rolling through” the stop sign. A rolling stop is not good enough. It is supposed to be a complete stop, so the ticket was valid. I realize that $124 is a lot of money to us regular people for a ticket. I once got a $400 ticket for speeding while entering Red Rock Canyon. Believe me, I don’t speed anymore, because those are the lessons that stick – the tough ones. Guess that’s where that saying “education is expensive” comes from.

Second, we only have two motorcycle officers and a limited number of sheriff’s deputies and they can’t be everywhere but our Sheriff’s deputies do a good job, especially considering limited resources and county budget cuts. Since they are only human too, you might catch one on a bad day, especially in this extreme heat but it seems to me that if you don’t have an attitude with them and be respectful it might not always result in a ticket. If you look at the newspapers and see how totally out of control people are becoming it can’t be an easy job. They never know if they are going to be assaulted in some way or killed just for giving someone a traffic ticket or handling a domestic dispute.

You are right, you see people flagrantly disobeying the laws on a daily basis, speeding, talking on cell phones. I have been nearly creamed at stop signs by people who didn’t feel they needed to stop or didn’t notice because they were distracted in some way. There have been many, many times I wished I was an officer of the law too. All we can do, since it is their job not ours, is to be vigilant and watch out for these jerks and try to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Pam Christie

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Special session fiasco part 2

During this current “special session”, our Democrat-controlled Legislature has prioritized police “reforms” and seem to have forgotten that we are in, what they call, “a health emergency”. While Nevada does have some bad officers, from the vast majority of police in our state, we have not seen racism as a driving issue. Still our state Democratic leaders think that getting on the record with specious “reforms” is a priority, so that their other Democratic friends feel good.

TIM BURKE: Nevada Democrats force November mail-in ballot

The act of physically going to a polling location and casting my vote in-person has always given me a feeling of satisfaction that I am participating in the election process.

THOMAS KNAPP: Afghanistan Bounties: Pot, Meet Kettle (and Turn Off the Stove!)

“These are anarchists, these are not protesters,” President Donald Trump said on July 20th, defending his decision to unleash Department of Homeland Security hooligans on anti-police-violence demonstrators in Portland. Anarchist-bashing — referring to “radical-left anarchists” in Minneapolis, “ugly anarchists” in Seattle, etc. — has become a consistent Trump campaign theme since May.

CHUCK BAKER: Land, Land, but not an inch to spare

“Don’t Fence Me In” was a popular song in the 1940s. Some might say it could be today’s theme song for Nellis AFB. Between all the land held in Nevada by the local air base and the Bureau of Land Management, it appears that control over boundaries and borders will be with Silver State entities for quite some time. And not just in the south.

TIM BURKE: First Amendment protects free speech, not violence

In the rural counties of Nevada, it is not uncommon to have residents assemble and express their conservative viewpoints. Here in Pahrump, during patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, you might find someone standing along the main roadways waving an American flag to show their support for this country. It is also common to see American flags attached to residents’ cars and trucks around town. These residents are exercising their First Amendment rights.