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Letters to the Editor

Reader believes writer of letter to editor is out to lunch

I am not a writer or journalist, just an 81-year-old American who believes in God and my country.

After reading the letters to the editor in the February 12 edition, I feel Richard Heller, Janice Gilmour and David Perlman understand the pressure we as Americans are facing.

I would like to understand Mr. Ferrell’s column, but fail to do so. He has apparently been out to lunch for so long and his hatred for President Trump and America has kept him from seeing the forest for the trees.

God bless you sir.

Skeet Smith

Article discusses pre-election plans for greater good

In 1785, Thomas Jefferson worried that the American system of government could degenerate into a form of “elective despotism”. A Time Magazine article written by Molly Ball, published Feb. 4, 2021 called “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”, revealed some eye-opening things that were planned and took place before the election itself.

First, Molly was very careful not to use the word “fraud”, but leaves no doubt that some agreements were made and maybe even some threats, including possible violence, were in the mix. Of course, the end results were stressed, for the “greater good” of not re-electing Trump, even to those who benefited from his first term. These pressures were enough to provoke ‘fence-sitters’ to act toward things that things like contort or skirt some of their own state laws.

With today’s well known “cancel culture”, some of these pressures were enough to get normally protected people like judges to, in many cases, try to use a legal defense for themselves, of being neutral, declaring in many cases bought before their courts, both federal and state, that the “plaintiff had no standing”.

This does not mean there is no ‘validity’ to the merits of the case, it means they will not allow the case to be heard because the plaintiff cannot show how they were directly harmed by the lawsuit they have presented.

I’m sure some of these people are true-believers in the ‘cause’ while others may just have shown cowardice. At this point, the more important questions may be was Jefferson right and are we maybe overdue?

David Jaronik

Pahrump is becoming ‘The Dump’ over ‘The Hump’

Pahrump is becoming The Dump on this side of the Hump. Yet again, as noted in a PVT article today, firefighters had difficulty fighting a fire at a property loaded with junk. Homeowners are putting firemen and others at risk because of the large collections of junk they store on their property.

Just because someone has an acre of land, it is not a license to dispose of everything they ever owned by throwing it out the back door and leaving it there forever. Many homeowners are as the old saying goes, putting 10 pounds of shit (feces) in a five-pound bag.

Pahrump residents are also collecting shipping containers on their land to avoid paying taxes on a permanent shed or garage. We should probably rename Pahrump “Mearsk” or “Hyundai” as most of these containers are never at least repainted to blend in with the landscape. These containers never move and should be taxed as real property. They are an eyesore on the landscape.

Every homeowner who lives near one of these unsightly properties is being robbed of value when they try to sell their own property. Sure, let everyone live and let live but be respectful of your neighbors before Pahrump turns into a complete slum. If county commissioners let our community continue to be a dumping ground for shipping containers, Pahrump will be The Dump this side of the Hump.

Jean William Frenette

Is America doomed to repeat its past mistakes?

The Democrats are using the assault on our capital on January 6th as Hitler used the burning of Reichstag.

If you do not understand the meaning of Hitler’s actions then you are doomed to relive history.

Ronnie R. Kerns

Covid inoculation program is not working very well

We are suffering from a worldwide pandemic and need to inoculate millions of people in a short time. This endeavor has begun but is off to a slow start and has become a logistical nightmare. There are shortages and thousands of people are waiting in long lines, even those with appointments.

When approaching a new task, I have always tried one way and if it doesn’t work, try a different way. The current approach to the Covid-19 inoculation program is not working very well and will take years to complete. I use an injection drug that must be kept cold; it is shipped to me by Fed-Ex overnight in a cool pack.

Why couldn’t we do this with the Covid-19 drug? Send each family pre-loaded syringes. In a cold pack, giving yourself or a family member an injection is not rocket science, anybody can do it. Fed-Ex, UPS, and the USPS offer overnight service, delivering a package from anywhere to anywhere in 24 to 48 hours.

I am over 70 and have been trying to get the shot here in Pahrump for a month and am always told they are not available. I realize that some injection stations would be necessary but if my idea were implemented it would sure speed up the process.

George Cross

We are no longer living in free, safe society in US

This letter is in response to Mr. Ferrell’s letters, I’ve been wondering where you live, in a vacuum? You certainly don’t know what’s going on in America today. I guess you didn’t like living in a free country. Well, you don’t need to worry any longer, you don’t live in a free and safe one anymore. With the stroke of a pen and more executive orders than the last 10 presidents have used, our freedom of speech and constitutional rights have been violated by the present administration.

Also, I guess you didn’t like being energy free, don’t worry, you are not anymore. The ones above have put us all back under the thumbs of foreign sources.

God bless America, I pray for us all.

Patricia Growden

Why are politicians unable to just tell us the truth?

The Wuhan Virus has presented some very interesting, but unintended consequences. Roman sanitation systems, from 3000 years ago, were overturned by Sisolak. I never did find out how shutting down the restrooms in Nevada was going to control the Wuhan Virus. Then there is the limitation of customers/patrons entering restaurants, to be served at a table to six. When we, as a family entered a restaurant in Beatty, we were told that four generations of family members were prohibited from seating at the same table. We had two great-grandparents, two grandparents, two parents and two children altogether, but we were informed that that constituted a dangerous situation, and the two great-grandchildren would be removed to the vehicles in the parking lot. That is a violation of the NRS.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the lack of need for government employees. Schools are closed more than they are open, but school employees are still on the payrolls, something that is going to cause the collapse of this nation’s economy. The private sector is not paid for hours not worked, and if enough of the private sector becomes unemployed, the public sector shall collapse. Government employees, of every description, are reliant on taxes paid by the Private Sector’ and are not able to fund their own employment by the taxes that they pay from wages that the private sector provides. The public sector shall ultimately collapse. It has become obvious that we could survive quite successfully with a 70% reduction of public sector employees.

We have Fauci bathing in the ‘limelight’ and having his ego inflated with each appearance. Problem: Fauci has demonstrated an ability to change directions. He has changed his position so many times it causes me to wonder if he ever had a direction planned. We were informed by Fauci, in the beginning that 20% of the population would die from the Wuhan Virus. As it stands now, I see a fatality rate for this nation to be 0.2%. That reminds me of the 20% fuel savings predicted under the “55 NSL”, but in reality it saved 0.9% to 1%.

By some miracle, the drug manufacturers have been able to produce a vaccine that cures the Wuhan Virus, but I am still waiting, after 70 years for the promised cure for the cancer virus. I am very suspicious of this latest chest-pounding statement. Have we been lied to for so many years that most people have forgotten the billions of dollars we have spent on research? Cure cancer? What dangers exist with this vaccine? All that I know is; 60 years ago I got my first flu shot, and within hours had the flu, spent a week in sick bay. 55 years later, reluctantly, I got my second flu shot and the first pneumonia shot. got pneumonia, lost half my left lung, spent 24 days in a worn-out hospital bed, and still am reminded by the pain from the very serious lung operation. Now my government thinks that I am going to be forced into another episode of their ‘Do Goodedness’ medical practices, so that I can die from their ‘miracle vaccine’. I expect that you know the answer.

Why is it necessary for politicians to lie to us, constantly? The problem increased exponentially when Obama entered the White House, has continued unabated for 13 years and looks like it shall continue until we are a communist nation. I tried to warn everyone, became branded a ‘racist’, and Obama went into the White House. Then Trump entered the scene, and we had a wave of prosperity unequaled in our history, only to be destroyed by Obama supporters, and we are headed for an economic collapse. Shame.

Wayne Brotherton

Term limits are only way to ensure service before self

Human nature being what it is, we don’t all process or interpret information exactly the same way. But I’m certain that a majority of Americans have no misunderstanding about the assault on our nation’s capital. If justice prevails, those directly responsible, along with every prominent individual who in any way supported or countenanced the deaths, destruction and interference with our government’s activities, will be dealt with appropriately.

It was encouraging that some Republican members of Congress denounced the attack and demonstrated greater concern for preservation of our democracy than loyalty to the former occupant of the Oval Office. Whether or not the second impeachment of Donald Trump will serve a greater purpose, remains to be seen. In any event, that a sufficient number of voters were dissatisfied with constant turbulence in the previous administration, is an issue now clearly settled. We’re moving on. And in the coming years we will see how well promises made become promises fulfilled.

Beyond that, I have long understood that American politics has never been described as a ship of state floating on smooth water. Rough and bumpy has long been the norm. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Strongly held and diverse opinions can lead to sensible conclusions.

However, I am equally convinced that political careerism and unfettered lobbying of congressional officeholders, isn’t nearly so productive. Rather, they sow the seeds of corruption. The only mechanism than will ensure service before self, is term limits on elected positions at every level of government. To paraphrase the words of Thomas Jefferson: The tree of liberty must from time to time, be refreshed by replacing elected officeholders.

In my limited grasp of our political roots, I’ve gathered that the original mandate went something like this: If you have a vision to improve the country, and if you have adequate support of a constituency, come forward. Do the best you can in the time allotted. Then return from whence you came.

Ralph Bazan

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