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Letters to the editor

Thanks to Nye County and administrator

My family and I wanted to thank Nye County and especially Robin Dorand-Rudolf, your administrator, for all of the guidance, help and understanding.

My brother died suddenly in December and we received a call we were not expecting.

Robin helped us through a very difficult time. She was there to answer all our questions. My whole family lives in other states. When we flew in to make arrangements Robin was there to help us. She was a friendly and understanding person. This could have

been a trying experience but with her help it saved us much heartache and expense.

With great appreciation we thank Nye County and Robin.

Very truly yours,

Carol Hauck and the entire family of William Guiness

Air ambulances should post rates for informed decision

The purpose of this letter is to provide advanced information to help others make decisions during a time of extreme stress and need.

My wife had an event which required a 911 call and then transportation to Desert View. When I got there my wife was sitting up and communicating. The doctor on hand said she needed to be airlifted to Sunrise in Las Vegas. I challenged the mode of transportation. The doctor said it was necessary that she be seen within a half an hour.

Three days later the Sunrise doctors decided on a form of treatment to address her situation. I am not faulting her care, which we considered excellent.

While under stress, being concerned for my wife’s well-being, I deferred to the doctor on the mode of transportation. Now we get a letter from Mercy Air asking us to sign a commitment for a future bill. The legalese is impossible for us to understand so I am looking into it more. We however are blessed with decent insurance. This part is personal and no concern of others.

Here is the informative part which we hope will help others make their transportation decision when they or a family member is in need and the situation is stressful. Mercy Air’s base price is $30,357, plus in our case, 51 rotor miles for $14,709 for a total of $45,066. If this information would have been up front, we would have demanded ground transportation which would have taken less than an hour longer.

What we ultimately will pay, we as of yet do not know, however if it is what I suspect, the quality of the rest of our lives will be greatly diminished, and then if a true life or death situation should arise, you all will be paying for it.

Taxi cabs have their fares posted, why not Mercy Air?

John Firby

Loss of our county museums would be tragic

Commissioners Borasky, Carbone, Cox, Schinhofen and Wichman:

The recent news that you are considering ending the funding for our Pahrump and Tonopah museums is very disturbing. You have already eliminated funding to our Senior Nutrition Program, Animal Control and our local veterans and now you want to deprive our grade school and high school kids as well as new residents to Pahrump from enjoying and learning our local and state history.

There has to be a better solution. Rather than cutting off all funds, why not just 15 to 25 percent? I am sure the museums could find some means to raise more funds.

I read Mr. Arnold Knightly’s September 4, 2015 editorial in the Pahrump Valley Times. He said one idea being discussed was to add a ballot measure to add 1 cent per $100 of assessed value property tax that would go directly to the museums. That is a GREAT IDEA!

I hope others in Pahrump and Tonopah communities will either agree with this idea or offer some other ideas as well so that our wonderful museums will stay open. Their loss would be tragic.

Walt Whittier

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