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Letters to the Editor

We all need to be really careful what we wish for

Well it didn’t take long for the newly elected communist/Democrat party to show their colors. It is such a litany of stupidity that even you idiots that stole the election and installed this bunch of buffoons into office to show their colors.

As a registered Democrat since 1955, back when we were truly Democrats, to promote the little man has there been such a show of ignorance by one party. You people make Nixon look like a saint. You put sleepy Joe, the biggest thief of all time in to head the show. My god, what were you people thinking?

You have a total mess on the southern border and a health crisis that is not going away anytime soon. All of this because of your hatred of the greatest patriot since Washington. Gasoline went from a $1.97 a gallon to $2.69 cents a gallon in 45 days. The stock market has gone rampant and are making billionaires into trillonaires that all promoted your party.

You have a vice president that isn’t even qualified to be one because she is not a natural born citizen as required by law. When it is all over and done and the bullets start flying, just hope you are on the right side of this revolution. God bless America and God save America from these idiots.

Stacy Riney

Our society is changing, and not for the better

Principles that were once bedrock for my Boomer generation have been sloughed-off like so much dead skin today.

Staying together in marriage was of the utmost importance, but today having two, three, or more divorces is common. Debt was understood to be dangerous for everyday needs, but now it is thought to be as good as a paycheck.

Honesty and integrity were the wellsprings of all goodness. Today, courts don’t take the slightest interest in false accusation, infidelity, or misleading advertising. Truthful reporting is seen as “snitching” and un-tribal. Common everyday lying is accepted, almost expected, as a quick way out of every predicament.

A focus on wellness was top priority, and included keeping abreast of the latest science. Now, the cool thing to do is live every day like it is your last.

Boomers once treated neighbors like family, but today we don’t watch out for them. We don’t even want to get to know them. Then, money was the root of all evil, but today it is the path to all salvation.


Kimball Shinkoskey

Nevada is not the free and wide-open state it was

The Republican Party has allowed the Democratic/socialist/communist party to take over the government of Nevada. One may think of Nevada as a wide-open free state with gold and silver mining, cowboys, with huge cattle ranches, and it brings to mind freedom.

With the cities of Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City, the Democrat/socialist/communist unions have taken over from the Harry Reid cabal, and his followers have resigned and allowed them to take control of the Nevada government.

This will allow Governor Sisolak to use more of his powers such as declaring racism to be a public health hazard to impose more and more restrictions and phony laws on the unsuspecting citizens, who want nothing more than the freedoms that the Constitution has given us.

This should be a wake-up call for all American patriots to finally realize that this is not a fair fight and we there is a total attack on the United States Constitution and the American way of life as our forefathers fought for. They keep pushing us farther and farther into a corner and even a tiny mouse will fight back to protect his life when cornered.

Arnold Breitenbach

Animal lover concerned about high school rodeos

Rodeo has had its day, and now belongs in the dustbin of history. The proposed high school rodeos will likely be super-spreaders of COVID-19.

Be aware that EVERY animal welfare organization in North America condemns rodeo due to its inherent cruelty. Animal injuries and deaths are commonplace, veterinary care rare. The PRCA has required on-site vets only since 1996, after FIVE animals were killed at the 1995 California Rodeo in Salinas.

Most of rodeo is bogus from the get-go. REAL working cowboys/girls never routinely rode bulls, or wrestled steers, or rode bareback, or barrel raced, or practiced calf roping as a timed event. And they certainly did not put flank straps on the animals, or work them over with painful “hotshots,” kicks and slaps in the holding chutes. Some “sport”! Indeed, rodeo is not a “sport” at all. It’s a macho exercise in domination.

The United Kingdom banned rodeos back in 1934. Can the U.S. be far behind? Lest we forget, COVID-19 was HUMAN-caused, a direct result of our gross mistreatment and abuse of animals, both wild and domestic. There are connections to be made here, folks. Are we up to the task?

Eric Mills,

Action For Animals coordinator

If it’s so bad here why does everyone want to come?

Why are so many powerful people intent on teaching everyone, including our children, what a bad, evil country the USA is. There has been a trend to focus on all the negativities, failures, and shortcomings, even teaching that we were evil from the very beginning.

Without question, we are not perfect but show me any country that is or has been. If anyone is looking for perfection I think the only place it will be found is when you die, you will be able to hold your breath perfectly. Being a second generation born American, today I much more appreciate the things I learned from my grandparents and parents. My grandparents came over almost broke, spending all their money to get to the ‘land of hope and opportunity. There weren’t any government programs to feed, shelter or clothe them, their only support was extended family here, ethnic community and their religious affiliation. They took the worst, hardest, low-paying jobs, scrimped, saved, and sacrificed, after a long period saving enough to buy a rundown house and a rundown frame.

But this was part of my grandfather’s dream, to grow his own food and be a “beekeeper”. They raised six children, 2 boys that served in World War II and one girl that enlisted just before the end, actually lying about her young age to get in. They also had three other children that died in childhood.

They never fully mastered the English language but demanded all their children needed to and learn reading, writing arithmetic, and history, particularly of their ‘new’ country so the children could teach it to them. They never felt entitled to anything and were very grateful for just having the opportunity to have the freedom even to fail because of their choices. They never felt envious or jealous of what others had teaching their children if they worked hard enough, smart enough, and long enough, done honestly, they too could get some of those things they desired, but always tried to remind them of the things that are really important.

Sadly, so many of these well-taught principles have all but disappeared. It didn’t happen overnight but they “everybody gets a trophy” and “I’m a victim” that’s been prevalent in today’s world is everywhere from real royalty, well known entertainers, wealthy sports figures, and many others claiming victimhood and blaming others for their unhappiness. What’s really difficult to figure out, spreading the word on how really bad it is here, why would anyone want to come here to live? It seems there should be a great exodus from here!

David Jaronik

Wildlife killing contests may be legal, but are wrong

While blood sports such as dogfighting and cockfighting are recognized as serious crimes, a little known but similar activity—the wildlife killing contest—is still legal in Nevada. Sponsors and organizers of the event reward contestants with cash and prizes for killing the most or the largest animals.

As the public becomes increasingly aware of these contests, they are asking policy makers to end the cruel practice. Killing in mass violates the hunting principles of fair chase and respect for animals and their habitats. These contests are giving Nevada’s hunting community and her residents a bad reputation.

As more states ban the contests, predator hunters are flocking to Nevada to enter killing contests because it’s illegal in their state and there’s big money to be made. One can win $20,000 just for killing the most native wildlife. Once the prizes are awarded, the bodies of the animals are often tossed away like trash. It gets worse, since Nevada doesn’t require a hunting license to hunt coyotes, not a dime is going to NDOW. Don’t be fooled, this is not conservation.

What’s more, research and empirical evidence has shown that randomly killing vital wild carnivores will not prevent conflicts with farm animals and will not increase numbers of deer or turkeys for hunters.

On March 20, our Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission has the chance to add Nevada to the growing list of states that have banned these cruel and unsporting events. If you agree the NBWC should end WKCs send an email asking them to support a ban: wildlifecommission@ndow.org

Come on Nevada! We can do this. #stopthekill

Fauna Tomlinson

Reader offers rebuttal to recent political PVT letter

Perhaps it is best for me to first briefly summarize myself, and express what I believe, because some seem to infer that I am a socialist or a socialist sympathizer. I am a conservative, non-Fox News addict, capitalist. I am a retired businessman with a comfortable life style. I was a devout Republican for most of my life. I am also a humanitarian who does not believe that all people on welfare are freeloaders. No political party nor individual is a panacea for all the problems we face. No political party or government is perfect. A two-party system is desirable because we all, including yours truly, need to be challenged on our beliefs. A retired judge once told a group of us, “Consider the possibility that your thinking may not always be correct.”

We can and should enforce our laws on illegal immigration in a humane manner. Human decency should be respected.

I agree with Mr. Fisher, “our Constitution is under attack.” This was recently and blatantly, more than ever before, done by Trump with his illegal and unconstitutional insurrection of our republic. He really showed himself to be an enemy of our republic. Adam Schiff is one of the most ethical, and knowledgeable representatives in Congress, plus being a great lawyer. No scandals whatsoever. He fully supported the second impeachment of Trump. Even Senator McConnell said that “Trump was responsible,” and committed criminal acts against our Constitution and republic. For those who may respond to the aforementioned and say it is not true, please give us more than your opinion. You need to present title, page, and verse of any statute in federal law or in our Constitution that supports Trump’s recent attempted coup. Please don’t give us unintellectual garbage like “the election was stolen from Trump,”(now known as the big lie) because not one single shred of evidence has been presented by Trump or any of his supporters to make such an unfounded claim.

Like many of my critics, Mr. Fisher has made a number of untruthful claims. One being…”we have gone from a self-sufficient energy country back to relying on the Middle East; we are being systematically forced out of our cars with skyrocketing gas prices.” All nonsense and not true. “Skyrocketing gas prices?” Gas is still one of the cheapest items when compared to rise of other items, especially groceries, over last 20 years. True, our stockpiles of oil are being reduced, but we are not running out. Mr. Fisher appears to be totally unaware that Tesla, a major manufacturer of electric vehicles, has changed the whole economic landscape nearby in Reno, creating thousands of new good-paying jobs. Also, fossil fuels are not renewable. Why doesn’t Mr. Fisher realize we are producing renewable energy to replace the used up fossil fuel? And why does he support poisoning us with hydrocarbons from fossil fuel? And what about climate change? Does anyone deny these facts?

However, Mr. Fisher made at least a partially correct statement, “Small businesses are going bankrupt as never before over tyrannical regulations.” He neglected or failed to list even one “tyrannical regulation.” No. They went out of business because of Trump’s failure to handle the COVID crisis, denying it existed, not instructing us to wear masks, opening up the economy too soon, saying it would “go away,” until it got so far out of control that businesses were forced to shut down and go bankrupt. However, thanks to the Biden policies, against the Republican do nothing stance, many of these formerly failed businesses are being restored and new jobs are being added.

Mr. Fisher implied correctly that our federal spending has long been out of control. Both parties have contributed to this. However, huge deficit spending by Republicans, starting with Reagan,has far exceeded deficit spending by Democratic administrations. And yes, if we don’t get a handle on this we might see ourselves like Germany in post-World War I. Some history books show an individual in Germany pushing a wheelbarrow full of paper money, showing that its value as a commodity was greater than its currency value. Some protections against this possibility is to own things like gold, stored food, and land that can produce food.

Mr. Fisher, thank you for your criticisms, even though virtually all of them were baseless and without evidence. Did you get your training for writing while on the turnip truck? Like I wrote about Mr. Smith. “You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

Jim Ferrell

Reader champions Biden administration actions

The presidential election has been over for four months now and every week I read an editorial about the “good old days” of the Trump presidency or how President Biden is ruining the country. I wish the nonsense would stop.

The bizarre conspiracy theories of David Jaronik are especially annoying. Joe Biden, who is not suffering from dementia, is governing as a centrist.

The stimulus bill is one example where the majority of Americans favor a $1,400 per person check for middle and low income families. If David regards this as a “socialist” policy, I would invite him to sign his stimulus check and mail it to me. (I will gladly reimburse him for the stamp.)

President Biden also proposed background checks for people purchasing guns, a comprehensive immigration reform package and increasing the minimum wage. All of these proposals are overwhelmingly supported by our citizenry.

Meanwhile, the Insurrection Party (the Republican Party died on January 6) has introduced 250 bills in 33 states that make it more difficult to vote. This party cares nothing about governing, but they care deeply about regaining political power. In Arizona, a state with zero cases of voter fraud, the Insurrectionists proposed a bill where the state Legislature could overturn the results of a statewide election. So much for democracy.

Dennis Crooks

Passing of new bill will mean changes in voting process

I believe the public needs to know what the Democratic Congress of the United States are promoting with their new bill HR1. This bill will make the U.S. Congress in charge of the congressional elections, in place of the states. 2. Any challenge to HR1 can only be filed in District court for the District of Columbia by only one attorney. 3. Mandates automatic voter registration in all 50 states for anyone who gives their information to a government agency. 4. Does away with signature requirements for absentee ballots and make states accept ballots given within 10 days after election day. 5. Would make it illegal to verify addresses of voters or to remove ineligible voters. 6. States must get approval from federal government to make any changes to voting rules. 7. States will not be allowed to require ID for voting. 8. Ensures that illegal immigrants can vote. 9. Allows same day voter registration. 10. Allows 16 year olds to vote and requires states to encourage this. 11. Prohibits the publication of misleading information about elections. (Of course this is according to someone’s idea of what is misleading.) 12. Legalizes nationwide mail-in voting without photo ID. 13. Legalizes nationwide early mail-in voting. 14. Any designated person can turn in absentee ballots. 15. Requires colleges and universities to hire campus vote coordinators. 16. Mandates that states make absentee voter boxes available for 45 days within an election. 17. There can be no campaign dollars for covering ads on the internet. There are many more parts to this bill and you could look them up on line if interested.

Each one of us should decide if HR1 is appropriate, and what this will do for our elections.

To me it looks like a scheme to get the Democrats in office and keep them there with no Republican representation and voids U.S citizenship..

Judy Pendleton

Off-road race organizers defend road repair efforts

Fellow Nevadans,

We read with interest the recent article that appeared in the Pahrump Valley Times about the reclamation efforts undertaken by Best In The Desert in the Beatty area following the 2020 Vegas to Reno Off-Road race. First, we appreciate the comments and input we receive from concerned citizens, government agencies, Beatty Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Stephens, in particular, regarding our performance as a race promoter, economic partner and steward of public lands. For over 35 years Best In The Desert has been promoting off-road races in the state of Nevada setting a very high standard for environmental responsibility, public land use management and as an economic driver for rural Nevada. During our tenure promoting off-road racing events we have spent literally millions of dollars in BLM fees and more importantly reconditioning costs for our racecourses, routinely grading and, in many cases, returning the state, county and private roads to better than pre-race state. These, in fact, are conditions of our Special Use Permit, conditions we do not take lightly. They have a major impact on our reputation as a conscientious and responsible user of public lands.

Regarding this most recent issue related to the condition of the roads in and around Beatty, Nevada, following the 2020 Vegas to Reno race. We realize the initial grading performed by Best In The Desert was not completed satisfactorily, certainly not to our standards, and therefore we made every effort to complete the work in a timely fashion once it was brought to our attention. We worked with the BLM, local mine owners, the township of Beatty and concerned citizens to ensure the work was performed to everyone’s satisfaction. On no less than three separate occasions we sent graders and operators to the Beatty area to complete the work required. Because the reclamation effort took more time than usual, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have created. In the course of our post-race recovery project for Vegas to Reno alone, Best In The Desert graded nearly all 500 miles of the dirt roads that were used as part of the event. In fact, Best In The Desert routinely grades close to 1,100 miles of county roads each year in connection to events it hosts making Best In The Desert one of the largest maintenance providers of state and county backroads in Nevada.

We realize this is a duty and an obligation not only as a condition of our Special Use Permit, but more importantly, as a partner of the rural counties and communities we are guests of, and the residents, ranchers and miners who are impacted by our events and rely on these roads for their daily activities.

Best In The Desert and off-road racing has a huge economic impact on the rural communities around our great state. Our racers, staff, sponsors and fans spend money in these communities and, as a matter of record, Best In The Desert attempts to engage local businesses as much as possible. The impact on the bottom line of the economy of Nevada runs into the millions of dollars each year. As a Nevada based company, an ardent enthusiast and advocate of Nevada’s back country, and most important of all, an environmentally conscious company, Best In The Desert has worked tirelessly to be a reliable and trusted party to all its partners and stakeholders including the citizens of rural Nevada. Thirty-five years of responsible land use and a stellar partnership with rural Nevada has been the end result.

We thank everyone in Nye County and around the state involved in our events for their continued support and input. We look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with all parties. If anyone has any comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are the owners of Best In The Desert. You can reach us at the contact info below.

Daryl Folks, CEO Best In The Desert

Bryan Folks, CMO Best In The Desert

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The Nye County Board of County Commissioners’ vote last Tuesday to open up the county 100 percent and to essentially remove the mask mandate creates a predicament for businesses.

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