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Letters to the Editor

Reader replies to letter from Dave Thomas

Mr. Thomas, I am a retired businessman from private enterprise, hardly the qualifications to be a socialist. Private enterprise, allowing competition, is the most effective means of getting goods and services to consumers at the best price, and I believe we in the good old U.S.A. are as good, if not better, than anyone, when it comes to free enterprise.

However, having said the aforementioned, I do not have to approve present day Republican leadership. I am just one of many who has left the Republican party, and I am not totally pleased with the Democratic party.

I don’t believe in all the entitlements by the Democrats, but I also don’t believe in tax giveaways of 2 trillion to the top 1% on income to the richest billionaires.

Jim Ferrell

Reader says to watch out for the carrot and the stick

CJ Stevens is wrong! Just because you placed a donkey in front of a word doesn’t change the true meaning of the original word!

We are not confused … donkeys have been known to move slowly! The next step after socialism is communism!

Eyes wide open people and keep America free. Vote for “We the People”, not for the new government

That carrot is hanging on a stick!

Diane Urbanik

Speed limit laws in Pahrump have recently gone amok

After reading W.R. Owens’ letter on April 7, I waited to see if there were going to be any changes in traffic on Mr. Charleston Drive. It has progressively gotten worse and after they placed the electric speed sign on our street on Apr 9 it only served to let the drivers know there is no traffic enforcement and they just ignored the sign and proceeded to use the street for a thoroughfare.

From Highway 372 to Gamebird Road and from Blagg Road to Pahrump Valley Boulevard, we have non registered, NOT street legal, quads, dirt bikes, young folks not licensed individuals driving over private property, stirring up dust clouds and making trails through the sagebrush.

On several occasions, almost every day’ we have several of these folks flying down our streets on the asphalt, when the law states they should be 25 feet off the paved roads and their destination should be to an off-road trail or BLM trail.

Rarely do we witness the presence of a Nye County sheriff stopping or in pursuit of the traffic violators, they are usually at the 160/372 intersection or folks driving over 35 mph. Occasionally we witness the NHP ticketing someone, that is rare but appreciated.

If you visit or drive through residential neighborhoods in North Las Vegas, they have solved this problem with speed bumps, but our county folks say it hampers the emergency vehicles, such as firetrucks, ambulances, and of course sheriff’s vehicles of which would be a rare incident as they are and have been observed violating the speed as well, not in pursuit or no lights on, or in an emergency. We have had two young folks killed in the neighborhood since moving here.

We continually observe older folks and drivers who would be hard-pressed to respond to an emergency when they are on the cell phone, putting on makeup, or reading something while driving.

Richard Lizotte

Some drunken sailors might be the real solution

Is a cognitive bias that leads to people disbelieving or minimizing threats or warnings, causing underestimating or ignoring things that may likely a negative effect on them at some point.

Those in positions of power and influence are working hard to get the masses to ignore or convenience them “there’s no real problem here, at least nothing we can’t handle”.

But anyone that pays even minimal attention to their spending habits at least sees some ‘cracks’ appearing. From filling your fuel tank to seeing packing sizes shrink, things are happening. After nearly a year of suppressing the production and manufacturing worldwide, then, subsidizing a great number of formerly employed people with pay nearing or sometimes surpassing their previous incomes disincentivizes going back to work.

Then you actually subsidize entities that just mismanaged budgets that had nothing to do with the world pandemic, including state and local government in areas like pension fund shortages that were reaching dire levels.

Add to that a big “WELCOME” sign to the world which includes the poorest and unskilled people with promises of ‘free food, housing, health care, education and etc. which you can’t blame them if they believe those promises, no matter where they come from.

The only way to do these things (and then only temporarily due to economic and historical laws) is to print money both actually and or electronically because the payment will become due, no one works for free very long.

I personally would feel better if we could find a few hundred “drunken sailors” to run our economy at least they may wake up the next day and ask themselves “what the hell have I done?”

David Jaronik

White ‘privilege’ sometimes is not all it seems

I am really sick and tired of the idiots in Washington, D.C. telling me that I am racist and of white privilege. The following is a short synopsis of my life. I grew up around black people and consider some my friends. We were all Americans and bled red blood alike. My father was sent to prison when I was 5 years old. My mother sent me and my two brothers, seven and nine years to a children’s home in Kansas. We were there for five years and I consider it a prison for little people. After our release we went to live with my mother and after a little over a year, when my father was released from prison, we were sent to join him and his new-found wife. My brothers found a quick escape from that scenario very quickly. I was the youngest and endured it for a little over a year. It wasn’t pleasant but I survived.

I went down the road with my meager belongings with my thumb in the air. I grew up and survived through some rather tough years. There was no one to complain to because most of them were having just as hard a time as I was. I graduated with very good grades from high school.

I went on to become a soldier, a highway patrolmen and a business owner and truck driver for 35 years. I am currently an 84-year-old registered Democrat. I have not voted Democrat since JFK. I didn’t leave the party – it left me and is currently fast moving to the communist party. I made it without minimum wage or welfare to fall back on. I pulled myself up like all of the other people did in that era, by hard work.

I didn’t not do this by myself. I finally realized lately that there was a much larger force than anything on this earth helping me along, GOD was by my side. I can’t praise him enough. May God bless each and every one of you. God bless America.

Stacy L. Riney

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