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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Is the Energy Choice Bill right for Nevada?

In November, Nevadans will be considering the Energy Choice Bill “Prop 3”, which if it passes a second time will lead to an amendment to the Nevada Constitution mandating some form of electrical deregulation in 2023. Previous initiatives in this and other states failed and had to be withdrawn. This speaks volumes that deregulation does not guarantee lower electrical rates to consumers.

In the approximately 20 deregulated states, as of August 2018, the average kilowatt hour price for electricity is 14.61 cents. In the 30 remaining regulated states, the average price is 12.18 cents per kilowatt-hour. In Nevada the mid-year price for electricity is approximately 11.08 cents reflecting a reduction of at least 24 percent below the deregulated average and 9 percent below the regulated national average. Once again, deregulation does not guarantee lower power rates to customers.

The costs associated with implementing an “Energy Choice” program such as phasing out an existing utility and rolling out a new Provider of Last Resort (POLR) and their associated infrastructure are unknown. Where is the guarantee that “Energy Choice” will reduce costs to consumers?

After a year of research by the Governor’s Select Committee on Energy Choice it is inconclusive that this program can be put in place reducing rates and that heavy implementation costs will not occur. All the issues associated with this program have not been addressed nor has it been substantiated that this will result in lower prices for Nevada ratepayers.

Mike Hazard

Homeowner thankful for our fire department

I would just like to take the time to thank the men and women of the Pahrump Valley Fire Department for just being awesome.

On Tuesday, I got a scary call from home that our AC was spewing smoke into the house. I told my other half to cut off the power at the breaker and to put all the cats into their kennels and get out of the house. The fire department arrived quickly, calming us down. While investigating they told us that it smelled like a vacuum cleaner belt had burned up. They found the smell in every room, which meant it was coming out of the vents. Just to make sure though, they checked everything using a thermal imager to make sure it was the AC and not something else that could burn our house down. Jonaire showed up within an hour to troubleshoot and start repairs. They did a great job.

These men went above and beyond to make us feel safe and were professional and polite in everything they did.

We just wanted to give them a big shout-out and let other people in our community know that we are well protected by the PVFD.

Pat Clow,

A thankful homeowner

People have forgotten all about McCarthyism

Has everyone forgotten Joseph McCarthy? Originally the ‘House Un-American Activities Committee’ was created in 1938 to investigate subversive activities by foreign/domestic saboteurs. In 1945 it was re-opened to search for communist activities, by those that were members of the Communist Party, whose goal was to overthrow our government, and oust our president (FDR, later Truman).

If someone was suspected of being a communist, held communist sympathies/ideals, even hinted that they may support communism, they would be blackballed and not allowed to work in these United States.

McCarthy concentrated on the entertainment industry, but looked into all aspects of all industries. The ‘German-American Volksbund’ failed with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Keep in mind, from 1945 to 1979 (about), no one with communist beliefs could be employed. They would be shunned, stoned, beaten up. But, here we are about 60 years later, and we have reached a point where someone who does not reveal communist beliefs, shall be shunned, stoned, beaten up. Those folks would be Obama supporters. If you don’t like Marxism, think! If you don’t like the preaching of Lenin, think! Fascism? If you protest, think! If you shy away from Socialism, think! There is simply no room outside the bubble for anyone who doesn’t walk Obama’s administration ideologies, think!

I cannot believe we have gone 180 degrees, and allowed communism to infiltrate our government. McCarthy warned us, and ten years ago I warned of the danger of Obama. If Trump is hampered, our nation is doomed. Strzok shall look like an innocent little choir boy, instead of Jack Nicholson.

Careful, about what you wish for, I don’t relish living in a nation like Cuba.

Wayne P. Brotherton, Sr.

Reader disputes letter on nuclear waste shipment

The printed letter in the Friday, August 10th edition bears some comment and corrections since it was based on half-truths. This kind of letter only sparks more inconsistent information and inaccuracies. Mr. Grudzinski may be a security and intelligence consultant, but it is apparent it is not in the nuclear energy field – a point he didn’t identify in his letter. His continued remarks that shipping storage containers are constructed by the “lowest contractor bid” is completely false and unsubstantiated by any facts. I know for a FACT that General Electric is not known to be a “lowest bidder” and is a well-established company with a very reputable reputation – and they designed a number of years ago the shipping container for moving spent fuel rods. I have seen the tests – and when you can drop a container from over 20 feet in the air and it does not breach at all – that would appear most safe.

He seems to be able to find a number of websites for anyone to read yet when he discusses the requirements for construction of the containers he can’t find anything. He states “What is an accepted U.S. government norm for nuclear waste containers? Personally, I am not sure, if this is his answer, and since he doesn’t know, how is he able to continually spout off about contractors and low bidders etc.? I suggest, since Mr. Grudzinski was unable to find or “wasn’t sure”, anyone can find any number of resource materials regarding the building of these containers – I suggest people start by reading Code NRC: 10CFR 71 – or go to Google and just search “U.S. government requirements for building nuclear transport containers”. There is a world of information that Mr. Gruzinski was unable to find.

Mr.Grudzinski also likes to talk about Colorado – great state – not the area of concern for Yucca Mountain. He talks about earthquakes, yep we have them. Big ones?? Again, the containers are built to withstand acts of nature.

He also would like you to believe that all radioactive waste has a half-life of 10,000 years – again only half-truth statement. Only plutonium has this kind of half-life and that is most likely the smallest amount of any of the wastes to be stored – just a scare tactic on the part of the author.

This is the kind of information we don’t need posted for the general public. It is biased and filled with personal and unfounded “non-facts”. Please people, do your own research into these matters and don’t take everything you read at face value. We all have the ability to do personal research, and I know many will disagree with my comments as I disagreed with the ones printed – but there are always two sides to a story – please be sure you know both before making decisions.

Roxanne Jones

Republicans hiding truth on Supreme Court nominee?

Sadly, the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., with support from millions of Republican citizens, has taken the stance of winning at all costs, truth be damned. George Washington warned us about being too devoted to political parties, especially when it means sacrificing truth and the principal of our Constitution. This has become all too apparent with the Republican choice of Bret Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court justice, a position where only a person with the highest integrity should serve.

Mr. Kavanaugh is no stranger to D.C. He worked under Kenneth Starr, the attorney who investigated Bill Clinton. He, Kavanaugh, later served under George W. Bush and was elevated to a judgeship. While being examined by Congress for the judgeship, he was asked about what position, if any, he had taken on waterboarding. Readers may recall that the W. Bush administration took the position that waterboarding was not torture. Kavanaugh waffled and at least two senators, Dick Durbin from Illinois being one of them, believed that he lied. Herein lies the problem. Kavanaugh’s record on his past performance under the W. Bush administration are on file and can be obtained for review.

But the Republicans under the leadership of Mitch McConnell, have blocked the Kavanaugh files from being reviewed by our Senate. They are afraid the truth will come out, it being that probably Kavanaugh lied under oath. No wonder that Trump and his cronies praise Putin and hide the truth. Truth, rule of law, justice, and our Constitution, are to be sacrificed if necessary in order to promote the Republican Trump agenda. Sad!

Jim Ferrell

Yucca and the racetrack: Food for thought

It simply amazes me how the people the voters put in office can be of a mindset when it comes to Yucca Mountain. “It’s just a political thing” or something of that nature – or “I’m busy” when asked if they (the people we put in office) want to join the group going to see and hear the info about Yucca as a safe (or not) repository.

It reminds me of a college piece I had in English class. It goes like this: “Round and round in a circle supposin’ goes, while in the middle the secret knows.” In other words, until you enter the information zone you will forever speculate.

Open you minds to the information so you can say why you do or don’t agree with a repository at Yucca.

Also, it seems to me that by being able to add another five miles to the racetrack and claim to be the globe’s longest racetrack would benefit the local community.

At present, Death Valley is about all we have to get tourists to come out this way through our town, at least those from other countries. Yes, we do have events that draw interest but usually from those within a 250-mile radius.

Hopefully, we as locals will back the expansion as it will bring more jobs to the area and be good for Nye County taxes.

Besides, when it is done it should provide us locals with new places to eat, movies, beach and possibly international races to watch. What do you think?

Henry Hurlbut

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