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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Grandmother expresses gratitude for youth program

My grandchildren had the best time ever at PVYA. This was their first day camp and they didn’t know what to expect. But they, WE, have made friends so fast. The teachers and instructors are so nice, and the children have had so much fun. Fun learning, who knew, go figure. They wanted to stay forever! They actually were sad when I came to pick them up, which doesn’t happen too often.

We want to personally thank everyone who participates in the production of this program for the enjoyment and safety of our children. Please know that we appreciate all of you.

I have to especially thank Mr. Cristian and the sacrifice of his much-adored mustache in regard to the reading program (you made a difference), Ms. Laura and her always beautiful smile, and Ms. Toni and Ms. Denise for all their special moments of help, encouragement and guidance, (with the children too, ha ha, I am a mess).

Most of all, we thank Ms. Linda Fitzgivens for the privilege and opportunity to meet and become part of our new home and community. Because someone else told her of our situation, she reached out to us. We would otherwise have never known this program existed. We are extremely grateful.

None of which would have happened without the kindness from the staff of Manse Elementary. They started the magic. Referencing my first letter to the editor submitted the end of January 2017 thanking this amazing community for all the help when the children were first placed with us. Consider this a thank you sequel (part two) six months down the road.

I hope everyone understands just how important you are, and how much of a positive impact you make, not only on the children, but the families, ultimately the entire community. I hope that someday we will be able to pay forward all the good that has been blessed upon us by all of the people of Pahrump. YOU are creating a brighter future.

You are ALL the most important gear to the functioning of this community. These children will someday be living what you have helped to teach them to become as adults. They will be the mothers and fathers that make Pahrump function, and be the caring and giving home that it is for us all, by YOUR example. And know that I speak for many who don’t know how to reach out, but are so very grateful for your assistance too. Without the help of this community our family would be broken. EX MALO BONUM.

I cannot leave before giving my most sincere gratitude for the biggest chuckles I have had in a long while, WONDER WOMAN and SEA SHELL GIRL (you know who you are) YOU made my summer! YOU made my year! YOU made it to our family album!

Thank you all,

Leslie Moreno and Family

Reader seconds opinion of DMV treatment

Thank you, Mr. John L. Knapp for putting my thoughts into words concerning the inhumane treatment we receive at the DMV.

Why should we have to stand when we could be sitting? Too bad we are too old and infirm to organize a boycott of the place!!!

Nona Hamblin

Reader thinks Nevada DMV is unnecessary office

Decades ago, I relished (OK, a stretch) visiting the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, located on the southwest corner of Sahara at Mojave. I didn’t walk through the front door, with the hairs up on the back of my neck. They were very pleasant, in their manner of business. After 15 minutes of business, we would get around to swapping tales. I learned a lot about the history of Nevada, and Las Vegas. I enjoyed those visits.

All of that would change, in 1973, when NDMV would move into the new ‘whiz bang, super computer’ office building, located at the northeast corner of Sahara and McLeod. The instant that building was opened, a level of arrogance and contempt that I had not expected, surfaced, and was directed toward the ‘ignorant, unwashed, lackey louts’ that paid for the new building to be graced by the elitist public servants. No longer would they respect those that provide the cushy, slow-paced, soft, easy jobs. Paper cuts would become their prime concern.

After all of the disrespectful antics demonstrated by the NDMV, my wife got a notice of her driver’s license renewal. The notification stated, “If you will be 71 years of age or older at the time your license expires, you need to have your physician complete the Physical Evaluation form on page 3 of this notice (missing punctuation by NDMV). You must submit the form within 90 days of your physical examination.” I sat down and calculated this latest idea from our NDMV.

There would be 230 miles traveled, to our physician, to conduct the examination. There would be 230 miles traveled to retrieve the examination, plus a $35 fee for the examination paperwork, plus the doctor’s fee for the visit. Then, there would be 130 miles traveled to get to the NDMV, or 40 miles traveled to the United States Post Office to mail (return receipt required) the paperwork. Then there are the many taxes levied against her to pay for the license. As you all may have noticed, the number of and the costs of all of those taxes have increased as fast as their imaginations can create them. All monies paid to the government, regardless of level, regardless of name/description, are taxes that fund the operation of our government. We would have 500 miles, or 590 miles traveled, in addition to the $150-plus costs in cash.

I noticed, some time back, the addition of the ‘technology fee – vr $1.00’. They are paid quite handsomely, to do that which they have added another tax, to perform that required task. After giving careful thought, and reviewing the history of the NDMV, I feel quite comfortable in stating, “We Nevadans, could get along just fine without the NDMV.”

The tax collection could be accomplished by the Nevada Tax Commission, and all of the unnecessary, fanciful, imaginary, expensive rules and regulations could be eliminated. There is nothing that NDMV does that we could not survive without. NDMV provides no increase to the economic wealth of our nation. To the contrary, NDMV is an expensive, frivolous government office that wastes our tax dollars.

Wayne P. Brotherton Sr.

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