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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Are we getting the shaft from our government?

How about that – our Congress has just passed the opioid law. So now doctors who really care about their patients can lose their practice, license and freedom. Wow! What a wonderful thing the non-medical people in Congress have done … for the drug cartels.

Yep, just think what the next cartel sales push is going to be – legal drugs turned illegal (to be fair), nearly illegal to those who totally need them. So now the pushers will have opioids that are made somewhere outside the country without clean rooms, etc. Wonder how many will bite the dust with them?

First the government makes illegal pot legal, then legal drugs illegal. What next?

Has anyone heard about the United Nations “Agenda 21”? My source says they are using our tax money to promote it to our county, city, and state leaders. They are getting federal grants by promoting “living the perfect life.” Of course you must realize it’s your life not their own.

Their promise is: man is bad for Mother Earth and it’s because we pollute it with our automobiles, our urban living. In other words, most everything when we progress in our style of living. These non-government organizations would have us all bunched up in vertical cities and keep us there using bicycles, mass transit, walking only where we live (in their perfect world).

Those of us who like rural living will have higher and higher taxes to pay until we can’t afford to stay. They call it “smart” growth. The end objective is to do away with individual property rights and thus render the U.S. Constitution null and void.

I wonder how many of our candidates would sign a legal document stating they would promote property rights for the citizens they represent and also promote our Bill of Rights, especially amendments one and two. To know how they would respond would be enlightening – at least it would to me.

Henry Hurlbut

The Democratic left’s plot to destroy our country

Watching what is going on with this Judge Kavanaugh thing, the only word that comes to mind is “evil.” The Democratic Party has brought this country to the brink of a breakdown of all civility. They have not brought one iota evidence to block him from the Supreme Court.

I cannot believe that this party, of which am a member of and have been so since 1955, is willing to go down this road to the destruction of our great nation simply because Donald Trump became president. There are things he does that I don’t like but you have to agree that he is accomplishing great strides forward.

I deeply fear for this country if this evil party regains control of any part of our government. They have totally thrown the Constitution of the United States under the bus.

Their belief is that if you don’t believe they do then you should be destroyed. That is the ultimate definition of evil.

I am urging each and every person to vote against this Democratic plot to destroy this great nation that has finally turned this country against the evil that they speak of every time they open their mouths. Please do not succumb to their evil. The last four letters in American spell “I can.” The last four letters of Democrats spell “rats.” I rest my case.

Stacy Riney

Reader wants no sermon from county commissioner

This is an open letter to Dan Schinhofen.

Referring to your diatribe in the Pahrump Valley Times on Sept. 28, 2018, you portray an out-of-touch preacher in a last-gasp attempt to garner civility.

What we don’t need is preaching from a Nye County commissioner. Please, just the facts, not a sermon.


Susan Blake

Tails thanks town for successful festival fundraiser in town

The members of Tails of Nye County, Inc. would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to everyone who made their recent fundraiser at the Fall Festival very successful.

We would like to thank all the businesses and individuals who donated raffle prizes and food products: Pahrump Nugget, Albertsons, Mountain Falls Golf Club, Romero’s, Master at Arms, Nicco’s Pizza, Johnny’s Mexican Restaurant, Dairy Queen, Subway, Pahrump Wellness Center, Cash Chiropractic, Bark Box, Suzanne Zervantian DVM, Debbie Dahlman at Shear Talent, JoAnna DiCarlo at Shear Talent, Elizabeth Christiansen at Aqua A Salon, Cheryl Tocco, and Monster Framing and Art Gallery.

Our sincere appreciation to Nevada Realty for sponsoring our booths. Thanks again to Beverly Hembree for creating the beautiful baskets and also for donating dome of your beautiful handmade creations for us to sell.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers and the public for supporting Tails of Nye County, Inc. We are Pahrump’s only 501(c)(3) spay and neuter charity. Our mission is to reduce dog and cat overpopulation in Nye County. Please check us on Facebook.

Nancy Guin, volunteer

Tails of Nye County, Inc.

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