Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Another view of the Honduran refuge caravan

Middle East terrorists? MS-13? Murderers? Rapists? Really?

“No one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark.

You only run for the border when you see the whole town running ahead of you.

No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

…Warsen Shire, Somali/English poet

David G. Alexander

When will Great Basin Utility Company fix road?

When is the Great Basin Water Utility company going to make the permanent repairs to Homestead Road at Highway 160? It has been almost a year and they have done nothing.

Bad enough that the county commissioners had the public works department put down a temporary fix with TAXPAYERS’ DOLLARS.

The public works department should have standard details show what has to be done on road repairs, if not, then use the NDOT standards.

The utility company should be fined by the county so much for every day the repairs are not made. I’m retired from public works back East and this wouldn’t fly at all.

Phillip Nodine

Housing cost, laws causing exodus to Nevada

As per the usual, Dennis Myers’ column in the Oct. 19 PV Times missed the point. Many more people, both politicians and common citizens alike, have expressed concern that Nevada might become “East California.” He cites statistics showing that California is not as bad, in some areas, and Nevada not as good as we’d like to think. True.

However, my question is this, “Given the facts that he stated, why are so many Californians flocking to Nevada?” A major reason is the high cost of housing. Building regulation upon building regulation make the cost of building housing out of reach for most people. Another reason, and the one that brought me to Nevada, is the California politicians and their bizarre laws. He cites plastic straws and transgender bathrooms, but, although they were not enacted, some legislators thought they were good ideas and wrote proposed bill drafts. And guess who was responsible for all those building regulations?

The fear here is that, should the Democrats gain control of the governor’s office as well as the Legislature, we’ll end up with some of the “unfortunate” laws in California. Case in point: a bill making Nevada a sanctuary state passed both houses in the last session. Only Governor Sandoval’s wise veto saved us. Should we get a Democrat in the governor’s chair, it’s Katie bar the door. Every looney-toon idea our liberal Democrat legislators come up with will be greenlighted into law.

No, Mr. Myers, becoming the next California is, indeed, an issue and we voters have the chance on Election Day to make sure that doesn’t happen, at least for the next four years.

Bill Newyear

Co-op member-owners need the truth Question 3

Valley Electric Association is taking the wrong side by supporting Question 3 when they should be protecting their customers. They support locking this into the Nevada Constitution, which would make it more difficult to fix when things go wrong.

In addition, they are pushing to be a middle man for selling energy because they don’t own any power plants. It makes no sense and puts us at risk for higher electric bills. Our community simply can not afford that.

Valley Electric and other rural electric customers should make sure to get the facts on Question 3. If Question 3 passes, it hurts all of us. That’s why we’ll be voting No on 3.

Richard and Judith Reitan

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