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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Why the right-wing religious whacks are hypocrites

The right-wing so-called Christians are hypocrites because they don’t follow the teachings of Jesus. You may recall, in the Book of Matthew, the rich man who told Jesus he would like to join up with his cause, and that Jesus told him to sell everything he had and give it to the poor.

The Bible says that the rich man turned away in sorrow because he couldn’t give up his wealth. One would expect a Republican to do that because the Republicans are advocating that we take away the health care from 32 million poor Americans and use that money to give huge tax breaks to the super-rich. Welfare to the rich. Where in the Bible does it say that Christians should rob the poor and give it to the rich?

I am aware that some so-called Christians vote Republican because the Republicans promise them they will stop abortion. Abortion should not be a political issue, but unfortunately it is.

Even if the Supreme Court outlaws it, the issue would then be taken up by individual states, thereby making abortion legal in some states and illegal in others. And in the end all it can accomplish is killing more innocent infants, because abortion would be taken to back alleys and done by nonprofessionals, while those who can afford it would leave the country and have it done elsewhere.

The religious right should follow the teachings of Jesus, instead of aligning themselves with evil causes promoted by Republicans, Fox News, and the Koch brothers. The Republicans are all about helping the super-rich at the expense of the less fortunate.

The sooner we realize that Reaganomics, the Republican economic theory that taxes can be drastically reduced on the super-rich, increase the government spending, mostly in the military, and balance the budget, all at the same time, is seriously flawed, the sooner we can get back to realistic economics. This is more easily said than done because rich Republicans are able to brainwash the religious right through the evil Fox News networks.

Some of us are old enough to remember what it was like before Reagan. I voted for Reagan because Carter was running a $60 billion deficit, and Reagan promised to eliminate the deficit and give us all prosperity. Reagan did bring about prosperity by tripling our national debt from 1 trillion to 3 trillion. Do Republicans have any idea how much a trillion is? It is 1,000 times one billion, and a billion is 1000 times a million.

Until Reagan, we never had these giant deficits because we taxed the super-rich as high as 75 percent. We then correctly believed that if someone made $100 million in one year that somehow he could survive on the remaining $25 million, and there was no tax on funds, which went back into business investments.

The religious right should cast out satanic Fox News and replace it by taking up their Bibles and follow the teachings of Jesus. Love your neighbors, give freely to the poor, are just two of his commands which are opposed by Republicans.

Jim Ferrell

Bundys subjected to inhumane treatment?

I would like to take this opportunity to relay to you what I think would/could become a NATIONAL NEWS ITEM. It is concerning the treatment of the BUNDY GROUP which are incarcerated in the Nevada Southern Detention Center that is located in Pahrump. The BUNDY GROUP has been incarcerated for over 16 months, receiving the utmost inhuman conditions only to have been exceeded by conditions put on the Jews by the Hitler regime. The prisoners, being held buy OUR GOVERNMENT, in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, known terrorist who are willing and dedicated to the destruction of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA receive far better treatment, such as food, bedding, cleanliness of rooms, and general treatment of character than those of the Bundy group, AND THIS IS NOT RIGHT nor is it acceptable under the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I can think of at least three constitutional amendments that are in direct violation of the LAWS OF THE LAND. Amendments II, VI, and VIII, and there are probably more that OUR GOVERNMENT is in violation with, and nothing is being done to correct this INJUSTICE.

I know some of these individuals personally, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and they are NOT TERRORISTS. They are and were JUST trying to protect their interests, given them under the CONSTITUTION. Why in the HELL is our government so CORRUPT???? The Nevada Southern Detention Center is a PROFIT PRISON INSTITUTION and those individuals do not, I repeat do not, receive anywhere near the quality of care that those inmates in Guantanamo do. These PPI’S are a place which individuals are physically (abused and tormented) confined or incarcerated by a third party that is contracted by a government agency. PRIVATE PRISON COMPANIES typically enter into a contractual agreement with (in this case) our U.S. GOVERNMENT that commits prisoners AND then PAY a per diem or monthly rate, either for each prisoner in the facility, or for each place available, WHETHER OCCUPIED OR NOT. AND the QUALITY of some of those INDIVIDUALS that are employed there are NOT of the highest standard of what I would call a respectable person.

I would implore you, if at all possible, to look into (investigate) the treatment of the BUNDY GROUP and possibly others for their unusually cruel treatment at this facility. I am not a politician, but I do vote and I DO KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT and WHAT IS WRONG and I know, that the injustices on this group of PATRIOTS is WRONG. How in the world can we, as human beings, condone such abuse that is being exhibited upon these individuals?

PLEASE, PLEASE help in any way that you can.


Rocky Smith

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