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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Trump did not win because Americans are stupid

Dear Mr. Ferrell, I suggest you look into a Trump Derangement Syndrome Therapy Support Group.

Trump won because the masses are tired of being told what to think, how to vote, how to act, how to dress, how to speak, and mostly he won because we are tired of being called uneducated hate-mongers and racists.

Why do I care if Trump likes Putin? I’m not even saying he does. I’m just wondering why I would care? Putin is not building a mega-mosque in my town. Putin is not censoring my Facebook posts. Putin is not saying he’s going to shut down the coal mine in my town.

Putin is not charging my son with sexual harassment at college. You leftists are not for me and my America. You want me to die out and make room for YOUR ‘new’ America.

Because the ‘old’ America, aka me, sucks. You are more loyal to Syrians and Mexicans and European globalists than to me. You not only hate me, you mock the very idea of me liking myself. Make America Great Again – you hate and mock the slogan. Me liking me makes me a ‘Nationalist,’ a ‘supremacist’ or whatever word you come up with. You sure love to come up with words to bully me.

Trump says he likes me. You say that’s a con? What are you even talking about? You hate me. You hate the country. I’ll take my chances with Trump.

Screaming racists, and every phobia real or imagined to middle America hasn’t gotten the left anywhere but more losses in the political arena.

It’s not that we love everything Trump says or does but he isn’t hating the people footing the bills in America! Purposely screaming everything that is exactly opposite of our values!

Hmm… Maybe it’s time the left rethinks how much garbage they scream and start reaching out to everyday Americans, and then they too can win some elections!

Robert Anders

In support of Christian Republicans everywhere

This is in response to Jim Ferrell’s letter accusing Christians of being hypocrites for supporting the Republican Party. He says that we do not follow the Bible. He is 100 percent wrong in his assumption and his reasons.

He accuses us of helping the super-rich at the expense of the poor. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

As a Christian and Republican I believe it is pure greed that says in order for the poor to succeed the rich must pay their way. Jesus talked about money a lot in the Bible and he never said for us to give our money to the government to support the poor.

Christians who are Republican give more to help the poor than any other group. They are the most giving people in the world. They just do not want the government to decide how their charity will be spent.

Whatever government does is usually wasteful, so why would I want the government to disperse my charity? Charity through government puts people in dependent positions. To take money away from one and give to another is greed and robbery.

The reason the people of today believe what Ferrell says is because they came from countries that did not give them freedom. Past history has shown that the bigger the government, the greater the possibility it can lead to a dictatorship. The bigger it grows the less freedom the people have.

I am not a Republican only because I am against abortion, but for what the party stands for: less government, freedom of conscience, economic freedom that supports all people, and mostly the middle class.

The middle class will prosper better under the Republican plan. The thousands of regulations the Democratic Party put on small business stifled free market and the ability for many to succeed. When businesses succeed, there are more jobs and more success for all.

The mantra of the Democratic Party that the Republicans are only for the rich is a lie that many are deceived by. This is a deceptive lie that they have put on the Republican Party and for unlearned people to believe.

With Obama health care, the working middle class have lost their health care because they cannot afford it, so what could be good about that. It favors the poor over the middle class. What could be good about mandatory law that fines people if they can’t afford health care.

If people knew their history, they would be fearful of a too big, too powerful government. Our freedom is fragile and the citizens of the U.S. need to understand this, just take a look at Venezuela.

Judy Pendleton

GOP and Dems both guilty of pandering to the people

Recently an individual wrote a rather unique letter to the editor concerning right-wing religious whacks. I must respond. The only clear thing this letter writer did was prove his ignorance. When you speak in generalities you are sure to be wrong almost 100 percent of the time.

I don’t believe any Republican wants to take away the health care for anyone. Just like I don’t believe the Obama health care had “death panels”.

What I do know is that the last three years I worked while the Obama health care was in effect, my insurance rates went from $185 per month for me and my spouse to almost $1,000 per month.

I know of several friends that opted to pay the penalty because they couldn’t afford the rates or large deductibles. And why did Obama and the Democrats defer the penalties until after the 2012 election that were supposed to take effect in 2011?

Both parties are very guilty of pandering to the people that elect them. The Republican Party under Bush passed their version of a stimulus package which doubled the national debt and then the Democratic Party under Obama doubled the national debt again so both parties do a terrible job of living within the income provided by the taxpayers of this great country. And all those “evil” people mentioned as being Republicans can also be turned around and pointed at the “evil” Democrats such as George Soros and CNN.

One of the things Democrats espouse is to raise taxes on the rich so they pay their “fair share”. According to all the mathematics I took paying an equal percentage is considered fair!

So if I happen to make $25,000 annually or if I make $1,000,000 annually and my tax rate is 25 percent, that would mean I pay the “fair share” no matter what my income.

Of course, one of the other points made was why don’t Republicans give all their money to help the poor. Do just a little research and you will find that Republicans as a group do give more to charity than the Democrats.

Obviously, as people and corporations get richer the fantastic tax lawyers they have can find considerable loopholes to reduce their tax burden.

If we had a simple tax code then it would not require a team of lawyers to figure out my taxes or help the rich get as many deductibles as are “legally” found. Remember the Democrats in Congress are just as responsible for the fiasco that is tax law in this country as are the Republicans.

And I don’t believe that Republicans have a monopoly on religion so by lumping all religious people as “whack jobs”, you mislabel a large number of Democrats as well.

Lastly, yes, I am a Republican and the main reason I am is because I believe in smaller government that doesn’t hinder me in my life. That is one of the reasons I moved to Pahrump because it had such a good reputation of providing personal freedom to all individuals.

Thank you,

Danny Griggs

Form our own opinions on government and religion


Thanks for the lesson from the Book of Matthew. But I will move on to your more interesting comments.

I’m not sure where you get your information from but I don’t believe that anyone wants to see 32 million Americans, regardless of their social or economic status, without access to proper medical care. In addition, I don’t believe the Bible suggests that hard-working Americans, some who have two jobs to support their families, pay taxes only to see those tax dollars go to those who CHOOSE to do nothing except game the system.

You do make one good point, abortion should not be a political issue. But let us not be fooled and believe that organization is truly protective of women and their rights. Please look into their founder and the history. I’m sure the religious right will stop aligning themselves with Fox News, if they actually do that, when the left stops aligning themselves with the “make up the story or lies” as we go along mainstream media or CNN, MSNBC who have lost touch with reality and most of the American people.

I guess defunding the military that has occurred over the last eight years is a good idea in this uncertain world with bad actors who wish to destroy our way of life. That would be a great way to show gratitude to our veterans and brave members of the military currently serving to protect this life we live in this great country of ours. I sure hope that’s not your take. Not sure about you, but at my age nothing or no one brainwashes me. I am able to read, listen, and form my own ideas and opinions. Comments such as these are an example of why it is so difficult for some people to sit down and have a reasonable and thought-provoking conversations that lead to actual solutions for the benefit of all Americans.

Hence the problems with Washington D.C., let us not believe that any of them are working for the benefit of us all, I’m not naïve either. I don’t need the Bible to tell me how to help or care for my fellow man, I had great parents who did that. I give to several charitable organizations that do good work and have always tried to help someone less fortunate than I. Just a suggestion, put away your book of insults, it appeals to no one, except maybe you.

Tom Mazzola

Charity should come from heart, not government

There’s enough hypocrisy for everyone.

Mr. Ferrell’s PV Times Sept. 20 letter excoriates the religious right, the Republicans, and anyone else who may disagree with the policies and “laws” the Democrats have enacted or just pushed through by executive order.

Mr. Ferrell cited Jesus many times, yet left out many important parts of His teachings. There are those who are not blind but still may not see (or maybe just see the things they want).

I wonder how many taxpayers feel charitable every time they pay their taxes? Do these same people also give regularly to actual charities? For years I’ve looked at charitable donations of candidates, especially for high office. As a general rule, the Left is much more Scrooge-like. Most of the media do little reporting of these, it reflects one’s true character prior to being elected.

As an example, when the “Lion” (or is it “Lie’n”) Ted Kennedy was alive visiting a well-known university (Villanova), a young journalism student, who did his homework, questioned Teddy about his off-shore accounts, away from U.S. taxes. Teddy’s response was, “I pay enough taxes.” With enough time and space I’m sure thousands of examples could be given on both sides being hypocritical, then trying to show justification.

Actually, our founding fathers wanted the government which has the greatest effect on its citizens’ lives, to be as local as possible. They also believed (as did Jesus) charity should come from the heart, not the government, but government laws and rules are making this less and less prevalent, thus destroying the incentive to be charitable while destroying any semblance of self-reliance and responsibility.

David Jaronik

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