Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump Museum definitely worth the trip

To the Pahrump community:

My sisters and I visited the Pahrump Museum on Basin Avenue last Sunday. What a very special place this is.

Showcasing early Pahrump, old buildings have been fully restored: a frontier cabin, schoolhouse, store, and much more. Inside the museum is an array of glass cases with early articles of the last 50 or so years. We were fascinated. The entrance to the museum contains desert plants and trees and is beautifully done.

Our museum guide shared that the volunteers are working on a railroad exhibit soon to open.

This museum is close by and I plan to visit again. Go by and check it out.

Betty Cotner

Tattered flag needs to be replaced at post office

I was at the post office on Homestead and Kellogg roads on October 12, 2017 and happened to look up at the American flag on the flagpole outside the post office.

I was very disappointed to see that it was faded, ragged on the edges and most of all, there were big holes in the body of the flag, all from wear.

I feel that the post office, of all places, should have a decent flag flying outside of the building. I hope someone will fix this soon.

Joan Frenken

A president takes an oath to serve his people

I am ex-military. I took an oath as do the police and the president to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

It’s not about my opinions or anyone else’s opinions, it’s about your rights. You might not like it when someone kneels during the national anthem but no matter what you think, it doesn’t matter, they have broken no laws.

What right does the president have to pick on people he took an oath to defend as long as they were breaking no laws? Where do we draw the line? I know he is a very important man doing a job that’s not easy but part of that job is to protect our rights as Americans. You asked for the job and got it. We want a president for “we the people”, not a dictator who wants to fire people that don’t work for him or tell others to fire them because they disagree with him.

Mr. President, I pray for you because you are my president. I love you because God loves you and I serve Him that says do my anointed no harm.

Please remember for the people, by the people, united we stand.

Edward Foxx

Neither political party is blameless

Some of us should be more careful with labels like ‘liberals”. I am a retired business person who happens to have a considerable net worth and a comfortable living. I get no income from government and pay a substantial amount in taxes every year.

In my previous writing I was upset over the Republicans who had attempted to strip away health coverage for the poor people so that the super-rich could pay less in taxes. I think some interpreted me as saying that the government should supply everything else to the poor. I believe every person should pay for health care when he can afford it, but there should also be a stop-gap for those who cannot afford it. I don’t remember discussing hunger or feeding the homeless.

For the individual who questioned me about donating to the hungry, let me assure him that I donate substantially to a local charity whose main purpose is to feed the hungry. Hunger should be taken care of on a local level. No centralized government, in my opinion can access the needs of the hungry people as well as our individual localities.

Again, it is unintellectual to use labels toward a person of any given party designation. In many cases, party membership only means that we like one party more than the opposite one. It doesn’t necessarily mean we like everything the party advocates. If a label has to be used, I would describe myself as a conservative Democrat. And it is not just the Democrats who waste tax dollars. That is the reason I have stressed that we (all political parties) need to recognize what is wasteful, unfair, and negligent, and then cross party lines and bring about reform. Neither party is all good or bad. Battling among ourselves serves the interests of politicians more than it does us.

Jim Ferrell

Planning commission should clean up junk-filled properties

I find your article about the zoning violations at the “Kingdom” business very interesting.

I filed a “request for code compliance service” on Oct. 3, 2016 and still have not seen any improvement in regard to conducting a business of used cars and junk at the property listed in the complaint. If the planning commission can hold up the start of a business, why can’t they clean up some of these private properties that have turned into junkyards around Pahrump, which would improve the overall look of Pahrump and improve our property values.

Ernie Corduan