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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

U.S. may be confused on where we stand on history

Mr. Thomas Rasmussen’s letter in the PV Times is a study of why we need to know, remember and understand history.

For example, the little guy running North Korea I’ll bet knows the history of leader Gaddafi in Libya, who gave up his nuclear ambitions, thinking it would be best for him and his government’s survival. His reward was we bombed him, supplied weapons to his opposition (many were ISIS). He was caught beaten and shot in the head, while many, especially high-profile politicians here, laughed and applauded, (in reality the clever way they disposed of him.)

Saddam ended up very similarly, but did get a trial, fair or not. But we all knew prior to going into Iraq, the sanctions were almost a joke. The UN sanctions under Kofi Annan were in reality miniscule. With Kofi Annan’s son as a go-between – another example of the UN’s effectiveness.

Our previous administration cheered and encouraged the “Arab Spring” almost everywhere in the Middle East with one clear and glaring exception, Iran, where hundreds of thousands took to the streets there and looked to the USA for moral support and got nothing.

I’m very sure Iran is watching North Korea closely to see how much harder to push.

Things like these almost always have long, historical, deep-seated pressures working to make gains on their objectives. There is also enough blame to go around on sending mixed signals on where we stand, aggressor, complacent, cooperative, or just asleep?

David Jaronik

Tails of Nye County thanks supporters and press

Tails of Nye County, Inc. would like to thank Teri and Don Rogers of Twilight Productions and their talented group of entertainers for putting on a very successful luncheon/talent show fundraiser for our 501c3 spay and neuter charity.

Thank you also to the generous supporters that bought show and drawing tickets. Without you, we could not continue our mission to spay and neuter Pahrump’s dogs and cats.

Our heartfelt thanks to the following businesses that provided drawing prizes for this event and for a future fundraising event we will have at the Balloon Festival in February 2018: Master At Arms, Liquor and Tobacco Express, Get Framed, Shadow Mountain Feed, Kamp K-9, Mountain Falls Golf Course, Back to Roots, Joanna DiCarlo, Fresh Image Salon, Elizabeth, Nico’s Pizza, Draft Picks, and Golden Casino Group.

We would also like to thank the following businesses that provided donation drop-off locations for our recent yard sale fundraiser: Shear Talent, Shadow Mountain Feed, Fitness For $10, and Nevada Realty.

The press has been amazing publicizing our events. Thank you to the Over the Hump Saver, the Mirror, the Pahrump Valley Times and Karen at KNYE Radio.

And last, but not least, thank you to all the volunteers that continue to help make these events fun and successful.

To learn more about Tails of Nye County, please like us on Facebook and visit our website at www.tailsofnyecounty.com

Nancy Guin

Tails of Nye County volunteer

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