Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

What are Amargosa’s

flag-flying policies?

How come Amargosa Valley did not fly the flag at half-staff?

I have seen the school in operation on Nevada Day. But, certainly not on MLK Day. It is strange what Amargosa Valley feels is important.

Wayne P. Brotherton Sr.

Veterans cemetery in Boulder City performs weekly interments

In case you didn’t know, there are military “interments” at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City every week on Thursdays. It touches my heart to see all of the veterans who pass away with no family to care. These interments are handled by the several veteran organizations that get together to ensure these veterans are NOT forgotten.

Not many people in Pahrump are aware of this and I’m sending this to you to help spread the word about what the DAV, MOPH, VFW, and other veteran organizations are doing.

Please contact Dan Peterson, Commander of MOPH Chapter 730 in Henderson, at 702-449-4491 or =N:E= for questions or comments.

Pahrump Town Board (2011-2014)

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