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You can bet on more

Republican inflation

A new Republican wave of inflation has just been guaranteed by Trump Republicans adding another two trillion to the already out of control deficit spending.

I listened to Carl Icahn today and he said “our currency is being devalued as we speak.” A new republican depression is likely to come about in the near future. Today’s homeowners have mortgages to the tune of six trillion dollars. When they can no longer make their mortgage payments, they will be forced to move out of their homes, causing a severe depression to come about. However, there are some steps we can take to give us some protection.

Some good protection can be had by investing in gold, oil, land, and industries related to water, such as fishing and ships that move oil and other needed items. Unfortunately, incompetent Republican administrations cannot be responsible with paper currency.

The printing press money, backed by Republican hot air, is just too much of a temptation for them. The paper currency, which has been watered down by huge additional deficit spending, will decrease in value, causing hard assets like gold, land, oil, and certain water-related industries to have higher dollar amounts of worth. I, for example, will not invest in any note or bond that has its full repayment due several years ahead.

That is almost a guaranteed loss since the Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates to curtail inflation, thus causing previously purchased bonds with lower rates to decrease in principle value. Oil is good because machinery and transportation that move our goods must use it. They don’t make more land, which is needed to grow food or graze livestock. Gold has always been a scarce and often an expensive metal and cannot be reproduced by a Republican printing press.

Of course, the Trump billionaires, Trump’s buddies, and the Russian oligarchs, knew all this before they decided to water down our currency. The Koch brothers, for example, are well protected with vast holdings of oil, land, gold, and industries to harvest the waters and also move the goods. Since we have to have these items, they simply raise their prices. And guess who pays? It is Johnny Lunchbucket, who so eagerly voted for Trump. Will Johnny ever learn or will he continue to be a victim of Fox News propaganda?

Information herein is not financial advice. Potential investors should consult professional sources before making investments.

Jim Ferrell

Valor Quilters thank community for support

As we begin a new year, the Nye County Valor Quilters would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all the support the community gave us this past year through private donations and our fundraisers.

We want to especially thank Spring Mountain Motorsports and Mountain Falls Golf Course for their generous gifts for the Chance of a Lifetime fundraiser. We also want to thank the GI Store for allowing us to be involved in their Veterans Day celebration.

With your support, we will be able to award many beautiful quilts to deserving veterans in 2018.

Gratefully yours,

Nye County Valor Quilters

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