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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Not all residents in favor of brothel signage

I cannot believe that Dennis Hof thinks that roadway signs with people having sex, bunnies having sex, or announcing booze and booty, are acceptable forms of “free expression” to people in this town. If he wants to express his free speech in this manner, then he needs to do it inside his brothels, not out in the open where people who are not interesting in partaking in his antics will see them.

You cannot just make your own road warning and yield signs. As a parent, I do not think that we should have to explain those signs to our children and grandchildren.

He said that he was a Libertarian and is now a Republican. An actual Republican would not think that carving penises on things is acceptable, and a Libertarian usually understands that other people have rights too. This is not a form of free speech. This is a baby throwing a fit when he does not get his own way. And if the county allows his behavior to continue, we will have these signs all over our town, all to benefit only Dennis Hof.

Stacie Nicosis

Reader thinks GOP wasting money on special interests

I suggest that Mr. Jaronik read sections 7 and 8 from Article 1 in our Constitution, wherein it clearly shows that the raising and spending of revenue is only authorized by our Congress. Obama had a Republican Congress for 75 percent of his presidency. Apparently, Mr. Jaronik is criticizing Obama because the Republicans refused Obama’s offer to cut spending by $4 trillion. The Republicans simply could not give up their beating stick and allow a victory for the people and a political victory to a Democrat, especially a black one. Such a move would have greatly reduced the fodder for propaganda by Fox News.

History has proved that Reaganomics, the supply side economic theory, is a hoax. It says that cutting taxes, especially for the rich and super-rich, will leave more spendable income. That increased spending will create more jobs. And more jobs will broaden the tax base enough to eliminate deficit spending. While to a minor extent this theory is true, it is still a hoax. The tax cuts to the middle class are not that great and the rich and super-rich already have everything they want. However, the hoax does not prevent some rich and well educated men, like Larry Kudlow, who served as Reagan’s economic adviser, from espousing the dream of heaven on Earth. According to Larry, our GDP under Trump’s plan will expand indefinitely by 4 percent forever. No economy under any government has ever achieved such an unrealistic goal.

Slashing our revenue from an existing budget was bad enough but the Trump Republicans had to throw gas on the fire by increasing depending, much of it for the military industrial complex. Now we are told that next year’s budget will top $1 trillion. I am sorry Mr. Jaronik, but I don’t buy your theory that one party is just as bad as the other. Throughout the whole history of our republic we were able with Democrat and Republican administrations to have minor deficit spending until Reaganomics appeared. I challenge Mr. Jaronik to prove me wrong on this point.

Finally, I am pleased that some Republicans are standing up and saying, “I have had it.” Thank you Senator Rand Paul for being one who is objecting to such insanity.

Jim Ferrell

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Open Letter to Nevada House Delegation

To the honorable Representatives of our State. I am taking a moment to write and plead with you to act in the best interest of America rather than your political party. I heard Speaker Pelosi say, on 60 minutes, that one reason to impeach President Trump was so that he could never run again. While your Party has been talking about election interference since 2016 and spent 40 million dollars of our money to investigate “Russian Collusion”, no collusion was found.

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