Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Nebraska student requests information on Nevada

My name is Zander and I am a fifth grader at Faith Christian School in Kearney, Nebraska.

My class is studying the 50 states and I have chosen Nevada as my state. Our assignment is to find out as much about our states as we can and I was wondering if you would help me out. Would you be willing to send me any information about your state?

Some examples would be maps, brochures, souvenirs or anything else that would be helpful.

We will be having our state fair at the end of the school year to display all of our information. Send it to Mr. Van Winkle’s 5th -6th grade class/Zander, Faith Christian School, PO Box 3048, Kearney, NE 68848

Thank you!


A warning to shooters using the Bell Vista range

I am writing this letter in hopes of warning people/shooters who use the gun range on Bell Vista Road.

On January 1 of this year a homeless individual moved out there and is living in his Ford Bronco. He picks up brass left by shooters, which I and several other locals have been doing for years.

Since he has taken up residence out there he does get most of the brass left behind, and it is first come, first served. However, this individual has a very short temper toward anybody else picking up brass. I have been threatened by him, as have others, more than once and have called the sheriff’s office more than once. They tell me there is nothing they can do about him.

Last Sunday I was talking to some shooters and asked if I could pick up their brass and they had no problem. While I was picking up the brass, this individual began shouting, shaking his fists and threatening me, yelling loud enough for all to hear. He went absolutely berserk and his tirade went on for almost 20 minutes.

The people I was talking to and several others left the area, quickly packed up and left, not wanting to be around a crazy man on a gun range.

The people I was with plus several others witnessed this but none of them would stay around for the sheriff to arrive. NONE of them wanted to get involved but all agreed this man is a true danger on a gun range.

Since it seems nothing can be done about this man, I do want to warn people about him. He comes on friendly enough but it takes only one wrong word to send him into a crazy tirade. DO NOT let him near your vehicle!!! Do not give him a chance to grab a firearm!!! PLEASE pick up your brass. If there is no brass for him to pick up he won’t stay around.

It sounds ruthless to deprive a homeless man, but this is an exception. He is a true danger to all on the range!! Please be wary and take precautions and if a problem arises with him, get away from him and call 911, you might save a life.

Joe Crosby

Finally setting the animal rescue issue straight

Re the “Animal Rescue Director Clarifies Definitions” letter to the editor:

I’d like to address the above referenced letter, submitted to the PVT by Miranda Taylor. On February 8, West Star Ranch (“WSR”) sent a letter to Ms. Taylor requesting a partial retraction of her letter, but that letter was returned. Our letter was hand-delivered to Desert Haven. We requested that the person in charge respond to our concerns. To date, we have heard nothing, and are therefore submitting this clarification to what was an unfair and heavy-handed criticism of WSR and the services it renders to the Pahrump Valley community.

Ms. Taylor’s letter stated that “it is much more difficult” to reunite stray animals with their families when they are brought to facilities other than OHAS. However, her implication was the Ranch’s efforts were impeding reuniting of these families.

In fact, the Ranch has long had a community bulletin board where owners can post information and photos regarding their missing pets. Further, due to the growing popularity of platforms such as Facebook, lnstagram, and Snapchat, we have been able to get the word out faster so lost pets may be reunited sooner, oftentimes within hours of the postings. We comply with Nye County Title 6, §6.06.120, which states that a lost animal must be turned over to DHAS within 24 hours.

All lost animals left at the Ranch have either been reunited with their owners the same day after their photos are posted on social media, or turned over to DHAS well within the 24-hour requirement.

Ms. Taylor’s statement that other facilities, including WSR, have in some way interfered with reuniting animals with their owners “… on several occasions in the recent past …” is clearly inaccurate and unfair.

WSR is located in southwest Pahrump. Folks in our area are more likely to bring a stray to WSR rather than the additional distance to DHAS. Owners worry about the language of Title 6, Section 6.06.0S0(E), which states that after three working days an animal impounded with DHAS “… may be made available for auction, adoption, or destroyed,” and are not always eager to leave an animal at the county facility. They prefer to leave an animal in the care of the Ranch, knowing that our volunteers will search lost animal reports and post pictures on social media.

And finally, some pet owners in our area do not have the money to pay the county’s “fees and costs of boarding” which would be charged had their lost animal been taken to DHAS.

Pahrump is a tight-knit community, and we felt that it was important to make PVT readers aware of our position regarding assisting pet owners, and our commitment to sending lost animals back to their families as quickly as possible.

Kimberley Simon

Director, West Star Ranch

Safer options may be better than military action

When testing our missile defenses, against attack by North Korea or Iran, we need to stop scripting those tests to succeed; we need to have real life situations, including enemy decoys.

We should also not buy anything until it has been so tested. Nor should anything be done until it has been fully conceived and vetted by the Pentagon.

No matter what happens, though, we should remember that it only takes one exception to cause disaster; thus we should not be overconfident and pursue military options where safer options exist. (Perhaps the president’s authority to launch a nuclear attack should be limited if we are not attacked with nuclear weapons first.)

Alex Sokolow

The importance of non-partisanship now

I commend Ms. Stacy L. Riney for her letter to the editor published March 2, 2018. Ms. Riney displays a new type of courage needed by members of both major political parties during this coming election cycle. As Ms. Riney suggested, all voters should temporarily set aside party loyalties for the benefit of our younger families. I believe we should all seriously take to heart the words Ms. Riney wrote in her next to last paragraph.

“I am very frightened for this country and my grandchildren and their children. I do not care what your affiliation is in politics. My plea to you is to do what is right for God and this country.”

It is important for readers to consider the fact that less than two percent of our nation’s population own or control 98 percent of the wealth and are our political and religious leaders. The remaining 98 percent of the population are merely supporters and followers. However, it is we, the voters who allow the agenda-driven minorities to shape our lives.

Unknown to many citizens of our nation and members of both political parties is the fact that our nation’s Constitution is threatened by unseen forces infecting both political parties with an agenda to destroy our nation’s Constitution and create a one-world government.

It is we voters who will decide the fate of our nation’s Constitution in the upcoming two elections. I believe the words in our Constitution granting us individual freedom will prevail should each eligible voter heed the thoughts of three earlier men written during perilous times.

Thomas Pain, during our war for independence said, “These are the times that try one’s very soul.”

Socrates said, “There is only one good … knowledge, and there is only one evil … ignorance.”

Samuel Johnson said, “Knowledge is of two kinds, we either know or know where to find it.”

Our social and political structures hang in the balance and I implore future of members of both parties to open your minds to what is not reported by the mainstream media. The future of our nation will be decided by your vote. Cast it wisely.

Dwight W. Hunter

We should be considering the potential for harm

Like other Americans, I am deeply troubled and struggling to get my mind around the horror that occurred in that Parkland, Florida high school. It is all but impossible to grasp how anger or a desire for revenge can reach a level that motivates the mass killing of innocent people.

Parents, grandparents, and every compassionate person is desperate for a way to finally end the madness that seems to have no end. There are those who believe what should be done is gun up! And be ready to shoot the bad guys, anytime, anywhere. And the gun lobby, which includes arms makers and the NRA, will oppose most legislation that could limit citizen access to firearms.

In the news, thoughtful speakers have made the point that turning our schools into fortresses is the wrong thing to do. I agree. As a retired prison inspector with the Florida Department of Corrections, I can say with certainty that a prison-like environment is not conducive to a wholesome learning experience.

Short of rescinding the Second Amendment, what reasonable steps can be taken to keep guns out of the hands of those who should never have them? It seems to me that at least part of the solution involves process.

For example: In the United States driving a motor vehicle is still viewed as a privilege, rather than a right. Surely, considering the potential for harm, buying a gun ought to be at least as involved as qualifying for a driver’s license.

As it relates to the lawful sale of firearms, a workable process might include the following:

• Complete an application that requires answers to pointed questions, such as: Why do you want to purchase a firearm? For hunting? Target competition? Self-defense? Other: Explain in detail.

• Have you ever taken medication for anxiety or depression?

• Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder? While many would avoid the truth, some responses could be very enlightening.

• Applicants must meet certain requirements of age, citizenship and pass a thorough background investigation that reveals any involvement with law enforcement with law enforcement, criminal history and known mental health issues. This could generate a RED FLAG for local law enforcement, ATF and the FBI.

• There must be some exceptions on the type of firearms that may be purchased. Guns originally or specifically designed for the military should be unavailable for public sale.

• Buying firearms via the internet must cease. “Casual” or person-to-person transfers must be strictly regulated. Virtually all sales of guns should be from a licensed dealer, who must witness the purchaser’s signature on an application to be submitted for processing. This could take far more than three days.

Realistically, there is no final solution that can eliminate gun violence. Criminals and the mentally disturbed will continue to acquire firearms. But something more must be done to protect the general public, students and our children. I intend to send my thoughts on this matter to my representatives in Washington. I urge others to do the same.

Ralph Bazan

YouTube propagandizing with political perspective

For those who are familiar with the book, “1984” by George Orwell, the time has come. Our constitutional First Amendment rights are now being swept away by the internet YouTube provider. YouTube is now taking down channels providing alternate news not being covered by the mainstream news media.

This act of censorship by YouTube is politically motivated by the views of YouTube’s management that is connected to the alphabet media outlets to propagandize citizens with one political perspective.

YouTube management is denying you, the voters, from an alternate source of information; open your minds and learn the deeper agenda of those receiving your vote.

Dwight W. Hunter

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