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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader explains what impeachment was about

For all those who believe this impeachment farce was an attempt to impeach the president, you’re dumber than a rock. Everybody knew months beforehand two-thirds of the Senate would not vote to impeach President Trump. So what was this farce all about?

Here’s a simple answer. You had a small group of political terrorists attempt a political coup of our government. And they duped an old senile woman, Nancy Pelosi, into acting as their spokeswoman.

You disagree. Well, here’s a thought from long ago. Rome did not fall from without (external forces), but from within. Political factions within that government were attempting to seize control of Rome. In short, a political coup. And that’s what has been happening since the 2016 elections. A small group of political terrorists within the House of Representatives has been attempting to seize control of our government.

But most of you think of a coup as involving military forces, with guns a-blazing. Why? Because that’s what you see on television and in movies. But there are other ways to seize control of a government.

First, you start by controlling the media. This is what the political terrorists did. They used the media to promote one lie after another. And sadly, many media personalities jumped at the chance to promote these lies.

Second, terrorists used our own government institutions against us. If they could get President Trump off the 2020 ballot via impeachment, then Americans would have a limited selection of candidates to choose from. All from essentially the same party. Theirs.

This is how a political coup works. No guns a-blazing. But behind the scenes. Turning our own media and institutions against us to alter election results.

Scott Culshaw

It’s always good to check your facts, not just agree

Apparently Dano Savino doesn’t do any research, just like most Trumpers. They read it, they like it, so it must be true. They read it, they don’t like it, so it must be a lie. They don’t have to fact check it; they just have to agree with it. Well, Dano, next time you want to write a letter to the editor, please don’t plagiarize what someone else wrote just because you like it. Your letter on Friday, Feb 7th contained twelve paragraphs, word for word, that a guy named Tim Allen (not the comedian) wrote on Facebook last August. You read it, you liked it, so it must be true. But it’s not!! Facebook marked his post as “false” and if you had researched it you would have found that practically everything you plagiarized is completely false. Google it!

Now that I’m exposing Dano, I might as well give Gary Duarte my two cents worth. You state in your letter to the editor that the impeachment hearings were about the Bidens’ activity in Ukraine. No, sir, they were not!! They were about Trump’s threats to the Ukrainian president. Several Republican senators even admitted it (Alexander, Portman, Rubio, Toomey and Joni Ernst, to name a few). Google it!

To say Biden had anything to do with what Trump did is just plain crazy. That’s like saying I should not get a ticket for speeding because kids where playing ball in their front yard. What do the kids have to do with me driving too fast? What do the Bidens’ actions in Ukraine have to do with Trump withholding money from the Ukrainian government? Oh, and, Hunter did not get $3.6 million dollars. Rosemont Seneca Bohai, a New York-based capital management firm, received over $3.15 million from Burisma for “consulting services.” At that time, they also received about $27 million from several other companies. Hunter Biden had no official role with Rosemont Seneca Bohai at the time of the payments. So, to answer your question, the as-you-call-them “fake” media didn’t report it because it didn’t happen. Google it.

As I’ve said before, I will continue to write letters to the editor as long as these yahoos keep writing what they want to think is the truth just because they read it somewhere or heard it on Faux News.

Now, let Dano and Gary chew on more false facts from the State of the Union address: After three years in office, the economy is falling, not the best ever; the rich have gotten richer while the middle and lower classes have gotten poorer; the U.S. was the largest natural gas and oil producer before Trump got in office; Trump does not support covering pre-existing conditions (he’s suing in court to stop them); Trump claims prescription drug prices went down when, in reality, they are climbing; Trump’s health plan is cheaper because it covers significantly less; sanctuary cities still enforce criminal laws and do not let murderers and rapists go free; only one mile of the wall is located where no barriers previously existed, not 100 miles of new wall; most of the growth under Trump has been in companies with fewer than five employees. I could go on and on over how many lies he told but you can just Google it!

CJ Stevens

More donations don’t mean the better candidate

I just have one quick question! Why is it necessary in all elections to prove that you can get the most money donated?

I fail to see how spending millions of dollars to outdo your opponents is a valid reason to elect someone.

Our national debt is out of sight and the money spent could be used to lower that instead. At least it will be put to good use!

Judy Pierce

Do supplemental plans make Medicare vulnerable?

Moderate Democrats are so much aligned with Republican idealogy, it is difficult to make a distinction between the two.

For example, moderate Democrats support private health insurance companies, just like Republicans. They would disagree, but what they say and what they actually do results in private insurance companies getting stronger. The stronger private insurance companies get, the more vulnerable Medicare becomes. Private insurance companies are undermining Medicare by offering senior citizens Medicare Advantage plans.

When a senior citizen chooses an Advantage plan instead of a traditional Medicare plan, Medicare revenue is diverted to private health insurance companies.

Private health insurance companies are parasites. Medicare advantage plans are the host that these parasites feed on. These parasites will continue to feed on Medicare until they eventually kill it. That is their main objective.

This threat will cease to exist when a Medicare For All health care program in implemented.

Millions of Americans are finally realizing the United States must have a progressive Democratic president in 2021.

President Bernie Sanders. Power to the people.

Fred L. Lodge

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