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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

ATV riders causing dust clouds too close to houses

On the west side of Pahrump where houses are scattered ATVs tend to race around the open and not developed lands between the developed areas, causing clouds of dust, and sometimes very heavy clouds of dust. This permeates the developed housing and their tenants. Many older people with lung problems live in these houses and are affected by the dust clouds.

If racing ATVs is necessary, why not do it where there aren’t any houses, not between Corbin and Banavitch or the Charleston Park and Flamingo avenues.

These racing ATVs also scare horses and their riders who often trek through here to ride up on the hillsides. They, the ATV riders, also build jump ramps and mounds to speed over on these empty properties, which may or may not be owned by people in other parts of the country and don’t know about these ATVers but pay county taxes expecting to eventually settle here. Would they allow these ATVers access to race around their property? Probably not, due to injury liability.

There is a law that required construction sites to water down their areas to prevent dust clouds so why can these ATVers pollute the air without restriction?

Henry Hurlbut

How about some true facts from reliable sources

I don’t know where to start with so many talking out of only one side of their mouth. Let’s start with Karen Stone and her letter to the editor. She points out all the Bidens who made money off the government (still to be determined as most was legally earned) but doesn’t say a word about the millions and millions that Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr., and even Trump himself have made since Trump became president. There’s Jared’s company that has received $90 million in investments from Saudi Arabia since he’s been working on foreign policy in the Middle East. From the reputable Financial Times: “Would Kushner companies have avoided bankruptcy if its favored son were not in the White House? Would Ivanka Trump’s accessory line keep receiving trademark approvals in China were she not the “first daughter”? Likewise, would Saudi Arabia’s crown prince be acting with such impunity if he did not have a powerful White House cheerleader?” Next time don’t tell half the story.

Also, the current administration started out with the Obama economy that was on a big up-swing. This uphill trend was handed to Trump but now that three years of Trump have gone by the economy is starting to slow. From Fox Business last October: “A heap of bad economic data in the U.S. this week rekindled gnawing fears that a recession is looming and sent a plain sign to Wall Street: The record-long expansion is beginning to slow.” So, yes, it is an Obama economy that is falling because of Trump.

Which leads me to Jaronik’s letter about me, a woman, who tells you to Google things and is condemned by Jaronik, who claims doing that is “to the detriment of the nation….” He also claims that because of their use of algorithms and more, they can’t be trusted.

But their algorithms cannot change government reports and documents; they can’t change laws and court rulings; they can’t change voting records and a whole plethora of facts to be found on government websites…by using Google to find those sites. But I’m sure Jaronik thinks he can get his facts from Fox News.

So, David, try using research sources where you can find the true facts…Google to find the sources that show the facts, not the ones that say what you want to hear. And please don’t lie about what I write: I have never claimed Facebook can be trusted.

Let’s jump over to Barkley, who has decided to chime in on the Second Amendment. Last year our sheriff, Sharon Wehrly, made a public statement that she would not enforce the new gun background check bill. What does that tell our young adults? That they can just abide by the laws they like. If I get a ticket for speeding, according Wehrly, I should be able to ignore it because I don’t believe in that law. Are you guys crazy to think what she, our SHERIFF, can tell the people that they only have to obey certain laws? That’s dangerous no matter what political party you belong to. Also, Barkley, national polls (NPR and more) show between 73 and 83% of Americans want stricter background checks. So, Barkley, don’t say Americans don’t want stricter laws when they do. Again, Google it along with Jaronik.

By the way, stricter background checks will only prevent criminals and people with mental health issues from buying guns legally – it won’t prevent the rest of us from buying them. If you have a gun but can’t pass a background check, then we all should be concerned.

CJ Stevens

Sanders as Democratic candidate not a good idea

Vermont’s Senator Sanders would be a disaster as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in 2020, which would only assure a second term for deranged Donald Trump against all odds. We cannot afford to roll the dice in November. The political stakes are far too high for that this year.

Are we American adults actually supposed to buy into Bernie’s B.S. that he has supposedly turned over a new leaf and is now a so-called “democratic socialist”, whatever that’s supposed to mean? The fact that revolutionary Marxist socialist Eugene Debs is Bernie Sanders’ professed personal hero says otherwise, folks.

First and foremost, Sanders is now and always has been a Marxist socialist. There is no question about it. Why do you think that foolish, far-Left communist caricature publicly calls for revolution constantly? Bernie is no Michael Harrington, that’s for sure. Sanders is a Marxist socialist of the old school, Soviet Stalinist variety.

If Sanders is really a “democratic socialist” as he falsely claims, then why is there so much publicly available videotaped documentation of pro-Soviet Senator Sanders proudly and passionately praising anti-American, totalitarian communist dictatorships? Would you care to answer that simple unavoidable question, Bernie Bros? (No, I didn’t think so.)

As the vast majority of Americans over the age of 40 are already well aware, the political label “democratic socialism” is basically nonsensical and is every bit the contradiction in terms that the oxymoronic phrases “military intelligence”, “business ethics” or “Stalinist variety” are. Socialism is NOT democratic! Get a clue, Bernie crew.

Socialism is now and has always been fundamentally anti-democratic. Read Karl Marx sometime, if you don’t believe me. Bernie Sanders obviously has read and worshipped Karl Marx extensively, which explains Sanders’ personal political history.

Jake Pickering

Does Democratic Party support abortion rights?

During the week leading up to the Nevada caucuses, all the Democratic candidates for president indicated they support abortion. Pete Buttigieg said “anyone who does not believe in abortion rights should not be members of the Democratic party.”

Joe Biden and all the other Democratic presidential candidates want to take guns away. In 2017, the last year figures are available for deaths by abortions and firearms in the U.S., 862,320 abortions were performed and 39,773 people died by firearms.

Abortionists justify murder by abortion by saying a fetus is not a living human based on whether there is a heartbeat and/or number of weeks old the fetus is. A fetus is alive until an abortionist kills it.

In reality, a soul (person) is created at the time sperm and ovum combine to make a human. A fetus is absolutely as much a living human being as everyone reading this editorial. It is murder to abort a human life. I encourage anyone who believes in life and is currently a Democrat to leave the party of murders. No matter the reason for unwanted pregnancy, there is someone who will love, nurture and support all babies allowed to be born. Thank you.

Jean William Frenette

Free speech is a freedom we need to preserve

CJ Stevens, fact checker – “One potential obstacle for U.S. drillers is a bottleneck of pipeline capacity to ship oil from the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico to ports and refineries. “They are growing the production but they can’t get it out of the area fast enough because of pipeline constraints,” said Jim Rittersbusch, a consultant to oil traders. CBS News states: U.S. is on track to become the largest oil producer of the world.” Published July 13, 2018 / 4:10 p.m. / CBS/AP

“Indeed, U.S. drillers have continued to smash production records in 2018, including hitting 11 million barrels a day in output in July. That’s about double what the U.S. produced per day just eight years ago.” By The Daily Caller News Foundation. Published September 12, 2018 at 8:47 a.m.

I would like to challenge the aforementioned writer who idealizes himself as a self-proclaimed “Fact Checker.” ! Please find above what I “fact checked” about a part of your letter found in the PVT dated Feb. 14, 2020! Both of these actual articles were written in 2018. That’s two years AFTER President Trump took office. Now we are the “largest” producer of oil! Without this small win for whoever is president, we could not be where we are in the world.

Interesting to note, I am an Independent who votes for those candidates and measures showing promise for all versus party gender. CJ loves his party and that I commend. I find his writings thought provoking and enlightening until he name calls and spews some visceral venom like “Trumpers” and “Faux news”. Have not really found name calling to be useful but, each to his own. I believe in the American way, and Dr. King’s “I had a dream”, and President Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”, and even the current MAGA type. I just firmly believe in giving due to those who have earned it.

For all of the readers of this paper, please allow the CJ’s of the world to speak, as this is a value we should hold so dear – free speech! It may seem these prognosticators of the put-down offend some, but my country allows this. Issues abound when the people he lays waste to begin to rise up. But when they also place their personal venom on individuals? Well….stop this dividing – all of you!

The real work for Nevadans is most important to those of us who work and live here, in Pahrump. A citizenry divided carries deep into the roots of this small town – like area. We have needs far greater than division. Introductions of the US vs. THEM mentality stops thought and the choosing of sides becomes numbing. Think before your eyes become red and bulging with hate. I hope that the cooling down part of your persona starts before the other guy’s nose begins.

Mike Hyde

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