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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

An apology to the readers, especially the Republicans

I apologize to the readers, especially Republicans, of “Pahrump Valley Times” for personal attacks I have made against Republicans, including, but not limited to Mr. Jaronik.

In a free society we should all be able to express our beliefs without being attacked on a personal level.

Jim Ferrell

Well, it’s finally happening, but let’s still be careful

Well, states are finally opening up. The trade-off is that people are being asked to wear masks and gloves outside. These rules are very confusing. Most stores in Nevada, including Walmart, Smith’s and Albertsons require masks and gloves for employees and are encouraging shoppers to wear masks too. Gloves appear to be optional. So if we are all trying to do the right thing, why am I suddenly seeing gloves and masks thrown on the ground right outside the stores? When you wear them, dispose of them properly, preferably at home.

Seniors are a unique group that should set a good example for younger generations. Social distancing, wear masks, wash your hands, and use sanitizer and wipes when you are in a group. Continue to do this when we can travel again. Please remember to be kind to the workers who serve us in stores. They enable us to live well because they provide food, prescriptions and other necessities. Why then did I hear a senior recently berate a manager in Walmart for not having a certain kind of onion? Instead, give them a big “Thank you.”

Right now we are hearing about the next round of the virus from the newscasters. Slow down and don’t rush on to what is next! None of us knows the future. Right now, I am planning to enjoy this summer. Finally, I look forward to the time when churches are open safely and I can worship God in my own church.

Betty Cotner

Some states’ guidelines are getting out of hand

Here we are, still operating under the guidelines that Sisolak imposed on us. We are watching Texas, for instance, where a salon owner was imprisoned for reopening her shop. Good idea, judge imprisons her and subjects her to exposure of the Wuhan flu, while releasing murderers, etc. to protect the prisoners from exposure.

This has gotten so far out of hand. We have a bunch running around using makeshift masks, using masks not intended for the purpose, which is endangering so many more people because of the false sense of security. I watched a test that was conducted on painters’ masks versus no mask. The result was the sneeze propelled straight from the face, and the mask broadcasts from the periphery of the mask, the unsealed area of the masks, and it was spread to areas all around the masks. There is even talk of arresting those that don’t have masks, but not those that are more likely to broadcast to an increased number of people.

Right after I obtained Sisolak’s Directive 007, the second week of March, I had an opportunity to question a Nye County Sheriff’s deputy, and I asked him, “What laws are you enforcing, and how are you enforcing those laws?” He was unable to tell me who told him to do what. He called in the re-enforcements, first a corporal, the big guns, a sergeant, and we got nowhere, for he had no idea what laws he was to enforce. I pointed out, the Directive 007, section #4 grants immunity to the homeless in Pahrump. On the basis of that I declared, “We don’t live in, and don’tthave a home in Pahrump. That means we are homeless in Pahrump, and exempt from 007 section #1.

They were not aware of the guidelines, and what little gravity they provided for Sisolak. Don’t forget that Sisolak brought out the National Guard, with AK-47s, to drub the populace into submission. Using Sisolak’s propaganda, I see the fatality rate at 0.6%. That does not show me that the Wuhan flu is worse than any other, and/or the citizens of Nevada are doing quite well without Sisolak’s fantasy. I don’t see the mask usage that Sisolak demanded, so there must be some other explanation.

I pondered, “Could this just be a ‘power grab’ by Sisolak, in his attempt to be Biden’s running mate?” Then I wondered, “Would Sisolak be dumb enough to tie onto someone like Obama/Biden?” Time will tell.

Not the strangest, but it does rank right up there for a very dumb idea, which is shutting down all restrooms in businesses throughout the state. I explained to the deputies that it is appropriate to see a yellow river heading down State Route 373, toward California. “Wash your hands, many times during the day, but close the restrooms so that hands can’t be washed, and folks are peeing in the parking lots,” so says Sisolak.

I asked Frank Daykin, and a bunch of others, “Where do politicians come up with these dumb ideas? Why aren’t politicians drug tested?” One responded, “You should see the bars at lunchtime, when the Legislature is in session.” I responded, “An excellent response.”

I am waiting for Sisolak to attack some poor Nevadan, and prosecute him into poverty. Wait, so many are moving into poverty because of the flu shutdown. With all of the latest revelations, I wonder if Obama, and his comrades are not at the bottom of this Wuhan flu escapade.

The Obama administration’s level of corruption is just now unfolding for our view. We have seen the antics that the Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and a host of others, will go to impeach Trump, or imprison Flynn. If this attitude does not change, our government shall fall much as the Roman Empire collapsed.

Wayne P. Brotherton Sr.

Nevada needs to recriminalize use of marijuana

It’s interesting the governor closed most all of the Nevada businesses and the wonderful gaming industry down. We’re told this action was in order to protect the Nevada families and children from COVID-19. Ok fine, hats off to Governor Sisolak, but his sincerity rings hollow. After seemingly backing the drug cartels in the poisoning of the great communities of Nevada with even more marijuana by openly violating the law of the land, Public Law 91-513, which prohibits the sale or possession of marijuana. Without concern for the health and safety of Nevada families and children he even signed destructive bills like forcing employers to take large liability risks forcing them to employ potentially high employees and marijuana addicts to operate equipment and interact with the public. Sisolak should hang his head in shame.

Only last Aug. 29th the surgeon general of the United States issued an official warning against the use of marijuana. Additionally, it’s more serious now than ever since it lowers the immune system, making the marijuana users more susceptible to COVID-19 along with most other diseases including cancer. Additionally, we now know smoking marijuana is causing CANNABINOID HYPEREMESIS SYNDROME making people sick and killing some of them. We don’t know how many because no one is paying attention but the illness is growing and estimated to affect 2.7 million people at this time.

Nearly every county in Nevada (13 of them) voted overwhelmingly against eliminating state laws against marijuana. Now it’s time for Governor Sisolak and the State Legislature to GROW UP, put their big boy pants on and show some respect for Nevada’s families, children and their right to highway safety, safer drug and crime-free communities, drug-free schools and overall improved wellness and livability of Nevada’s great communities by recriminalizing the poison.

Frank C. Gardner

Some suggestions on the restarting of Nevada

Our governor has focused so much on his fear of the COVID-19 virus, he overlooked ways to restart our economy. So here some suggestions.

First and foremost is social distancing. This could be done in a casino setting. How? Remove half the chairs on the casino floor and bar areas. This was actually done in casinos in Nevada. Along with the physical space created, security personnel had the authority to ask patrons to leave the facility who violated the social distancing policies.

The same physical spacing measures could be adopted in other businesses as well.

Two, the use of ultra-violet lighting (UV). Low-dose UV lighting has been used for years in clinics around the world to kill bacteria and viruses. UV lighting is also used in potable water treatment units. Why? UV lighting can kill viruses like COVID-19 in a few seconds. One doctor, commenting on the effectiveness of UV lighting, was even surprised government officials had not already made UV lighting part of the building code.

Now I know there has been a lot of negative comments about UV rays. But I’m not talking about UV light source being placed next to people. But mounted up by the ceiling; used in conjunction with up-draft fans.

Third, this applies particularly to restaurants, use of disinfectant wipe down of tables and chairs after a patron leaves. This was already being done in the restaurants I used to eat in.

Finally, Use of PPE. Again, this was already being practiced before the governor shut everything down.

So governor, there are available options beyond letting the sky fall. You just need to stop focusing on your fear of COVID-19 and start focusing on ways to restart our economy.

Scott Culshaw

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