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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Some of state’s reopening policies seem confusing

I have to wonder as to Gov. Sisolak’s reasoning as anyone who can see clearly. Here in Pahrump, I noticed the fireworks store open with an overpacked parking lot of customers.

On the other hand, I know of people who need a driver’s license and want to register their vehicles and find the DMV closed. What in heck is that?

Arnold Breitenbach

Contact tracing ineffective in fight against silent virus

Contact tracing is of little effect with a virus as widespread as COVID-19. There are already far too many cases for contact tracing to be effective. It is better to assume it is everywhere. It is not difficult to catch or confined to a small part of the world like Ebola outbreaks.

WHO left the barn door open and the horse left the barn. It is too late to close the door. The genie cannot be put back into the bottle, Pandora’s box cannot be closed. Get ready for the resurgence with reopening of night clubs and the fall flu season.

Last week, the CDC stated there is a 50% error rate in testing for COVID-19: IgM antibodies, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2. This is another indication the WHO, CDC and NIH is still giving the wrong advice that contact tracing is the way out of the pandemic. Will they ever stop guessing or will we just continue dying because they have failed to keep us safe?

The article in last week’s edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal, “Grim mark: U. S. surpasses 100,000. I studied under Sensei Michael Ganci for several decades. I cried when he died. His influence on my life was profound. I remember him telling me if he could hear me, he could kill me.

Translation for non karateka, he was telling me to walk softly and keep a low profile. COVID-19 killed him because it was just that, unheard and unseen. Please be careful even though you cannot hear or see the virus. It is still there. Remember that no virus is “just a cold.” All viruses cause some amount of permanent damage to our bodies. Stay safe. Thank you.

Jean Frenette

Distrust of leadership may affect mail-in balloting

Steve Sebelius PVT article May 29, 2020, gives examples of things that support a certain narrative. The opposition can easily find statistics and research to support their side of the argument given enough time and resources to research the subject.

In today’s world of deep division, one side being distrustful of top leadership and the other side distrustful of many embedded bureaucrats, as well as many others with power and money at different levels, it again comes down to “who do you trust?”

The system itself may be fine, the questions arise about the integrity and competence of those overseeing, implementing, and monitoring those systems. For example, when it been widely reported, Los Angeles County California sent out 12% more “mail” ballots than actual registered voters in the county, at the very least, shouldn’t this raise some honest questions?

David Jaronik

Nevada should take steps to recriminalize using the ‘poison’ of marijuana

It’s interesting the governor closed most all of the Nevada businesses and the wonderful gaming industry down. We’re told this action was in order to protect the Nevada families and children from COVID-19. OK fine, hats off to Governor Sisolak, but his sincerity rings hollow. After seemingly backing the drug cartels in the poisoning of the great communities of Nevada with even more marijuana by openly violating the law of the land, Public Law 91-513, which prohibits the sale or possession of marijuana. Without concern for the health and safety of Nevada families and children he even signed destructive bills like forcing employers to take large liability risks forcing them to employ potentially high employees and marijuana addicts to operate equipment and interact with the public. Sisolak should hang his head in shame.

Only last Aug. 29 the surgeon general of the United States issued an official warning against the use of marijuana. Additionally, it’s more serious now than ever since it lowers the immune system, making the marijuana users more susceptible to COVID-19 along with most other diseases including cancer. Additionally, we now know smoking marijuana is causing CANNABINOID HYPEREMESIS SYNDROME making people sick and killing some of them. We don’t know how many because no one is paying attention but the illness is growing and estimated to affect 2.7 million people at this time.

Nearly every county in Nevada (13 of them) voted overwhelmingly against eliminating state laws against marijuana. Now it’s time for Governor Sisolak and the State Legislature to GROW UP, put their big boy pants on and show some respect for Nevada’s families, children and their right to highway safety, safer drug and crime-free communities, drug-free schools and overall improved wellness and livability of Nevada’s great communities by recriminalizing the poison.

Frank C. Gardner

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