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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Is Joe Biden quietly backing cause of defunding police?

As Democrats jump on the ‘Defund the Police’ bandwagon, Joe Biden’s silence is deafening, showing that he is compliant with whatever the fringe of his party decides to do.

While President Trump is taking strong actions on the rioters and looters throughout the country during these unprecedented times, Joe Biden is attending fundraisers with Hollywood elites in support of the “Defund the Police” cause.

John Legend and Barbara Streisand have been incredibly vocal in their opposition to law and order while Joe Biden remains silent and accepts money from the very individuals calling for this outright.

Respectfully submitted,

David Hiebert

Reader will watch garage sales for Bolton’s book

The long-awaited release of John Bolton’s book is here, long touted to finally bury the “Orange Man.” Admittedly, I have not read it and will have to wait ‘til someone sells it in a garage sale as many of the other books I’ve read, but I’ve seen some of his interviews and seen excerpts from the book and understand more than before.

Remember the “impeachment” hearings that seem like years ago. Some committee members were going to subpoena Bolton to testify (which he said he wanted to), and then that disappeared. One might think the committee got a sneak peek at the transcript of the book, showing it may help Trump more than hurt him.

Everyone in the country is aware of Bolton’s reputation, which the left has called him a “war monger” for some time. In one of Bolton’s clips, it sounded that he was crying that he was hired as an adviser, but Trump was not following his advice.

Like when the Iranians shot down one of our drones and Bolton wanted to retaliate, which when Trump wanted to see his military “expert retaliation plans,” that might include possibly some 150 casualties, he called it off saying that drone was not worth going to war over.

Being old enough to remember President Eisenhower’s warning leaving office about being vigilant about the “military-industrial complex,” also became clearer. Between the impeachment hearing, the generals, and others railing against Trump, one must consider that “complex,” through the years has spread to the State Department, the Justice Department and who knows where else.

It seems apparent Trump in his crude, unpolitical, unsophisticated way has been upsetting some of these “swamp” creatures that have been reaping benefits in various ways for many years. Not only paid for with taxpayer money, but U.S. lives.

The previous administration gave us lip service, with things like ending “dumb wars,” but the endless stream of money flow never ended, some sometimes paying surrogates to do the dirty work while enriching others. I wonder if Bolton knows how to play the fiddle because judging the results of years of supporting and trying to incite more endless wars that could be a welcome switch.

David Jaronik

Stay off the ‘erase and rewrite history’ bandwagon

Horsford, Titus and the rest of leftist politicos have decided to jump on the erase history bandwagon. We don’t have any Confederate statues so they are attacking McCarran. They’re starting with his portrait being removed from the capital but the airport is sure to be the next target. This tactic is direct from the Stalin-Hitler playbook. Erase the history and rewrite it in your image.

I love my country, and I embrace all of its history. To see everything that my family, who fought in two world wars, Korea, and finally my brother-in-law, who lost his life through Agent Orange in Vietnam, destroyed by losers like Horsford and Titus; angers and sickens me.

We have to stop these people. They not only attack monuments, but your right to free speech. Every day we see people fired because they disagree with these people. A driver for SD&E was fired because someone saw him crack his knuckles. They said it was a symbol of racism.

This is the America of the future. Come November, we have one of the most important choices to make. Return America to its former glory or live in the Democrats’ Orwellian future. No history, no free speech, no more America.

Kenneth Braun

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