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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader maintains Cliven Bundy didn’t get a fair shake

I’m just a nobody from Georgia but I could find more truth in a five-minute Google search than Steve Sebelius did in whatever time it took him to come up with that hit piece on Cliven Bundy.

I’m not a fan of armed insurrection of anybody, but he was getting screwed by the BLM and deserved to be listened to just like the ones calling for police reforms now.

T.B. Willingham

Nevada not getting share of Colorado River water

Nevada should challenge the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) because it would promote Utah’s wasting of precious Colorado River water when deliveries to Nevada are being cut back.

Nevada heavily relies on Colorado River water and it received the smallest allocation under the 1922 Colorado River Compact. Due to climate change and the megadrought, some deliveries have already been reduced and caused economic hardship. Unfortunately, despite this harsh reality, Utah politicians and the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) are pushing to approve the controversial LPP before President Trump may leave office in January. BOR recently released a biased environmental study that fails to analyze any water conservation alternatives.

Washington County Utah, where I live, would receive the LPP water. It uses an average of 302 gallons per capita day. In contrast, the national average is 138. The county refuses to implement reasonable water conservation measures that have been successful elsewhere.

The LPP may violate the Colorado River Compact by transferring upper basin water for a lower basin use. Congressional approval is normally needed for such a transfer, but Utah is not seeking it. LPP construction would harm public lands, scenic vistas, and wildlife such as threatened Mojave desert tortoises.

During this pandemic economy, with high-priority public needs short on funding, this three-billion-dollar LPP boondoggle should not proceed without congressional approval and a fair analysis of alternatives that are likely to be cheaper and less environmentally destructive.


Richard Spotts

St. George, Utah

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Letters to the Editor

Many double standards prevail in political circles

TIM BURKE: First Amendment rights in danger on major social media platforms

Freedom of expression is one of our most cherished rights. Over the weekend, the conservative social media platform, Parler, headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, was shut down when Amazon turned off the web services that hosted the platform.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Open Letter to Nevada House Delegation

To the honorable Representatives of our State. I am taking a moment to write and plead with you to act in the best interest of America rather than your political party. I heard Speaker Pelosi say, on 60 minutes, that one reason to impeach President Trump was so that he could never run again. While your Party has been talking about election interference since 2016 and spent 40 million dollars of our money to investigate “Russian Collusion”, no collusion was found.

Letters to the Editor

Resident disputes timing of trash disposal rate increase

DEBRA J. SAUNDERS: How to start a civil war

President Donald Trump’s supporters didn’t think through what would have happened if they’d succeeded in overturning the legitimate 2020 election.

VICTOR JOECKS: Vaccinate seniors before prisoners

Gov. Steve Sisolak shouldn’t vaccinate felons before senior citizens. Even a casual look at the coronavirus death numbers makes this obvious.

Letters to the Editor

Reader states mural not good use of taxpayer money

DAN SCHINHOFEN: How fragile it all is

If we have not agreed on or learned anything this past year, we should all agree that our freedoms are very fragile. Look at how quickly we conceded our God-given rights to freely exercise our religion, or our right to own property, as in owning a small business. With just a few words from our elected governor, and a declaration here and a directive there we were told it was not safe for us to sing in church. We were directed to close down our business that we spent money, and years of sweat building up to support our families, because we were not deemed “essential”.