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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Thanks to our supporters and our veterans

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 15 in Pahrump had a very successful barbecue at Ian Deutch Memorial Park on Saturday, June 2, 2018. It was FREE to all veterans (whether DAV members or not) and their families (or caregivers). For non-veteran adults the charge was $5 and for non-veteran children under 12 the cost was $3.

We could not have a successful barbecue without our caring community donors and supporters. Chapter Commander Greg Cardarelli and each member offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to the following:

Advanced Spine and Posture; Albertsons; Allan Schwartz; Annie’s/Hideaway Lounge; Anytime Fitness; Awards Plus Plaques; Bella Salon – Holly Clayton, Kim Fancher, Shelley Acosta, Suzanne Fairchild, and Toni Baker; Beverly Baker; Blackjack Fireworks, Carmelo’s; Cash Chiropractic Care; Center Jewelers; CVS Pharmacy, Dan Schinhofen; Denny’s; Domino’s Pizza; Drew’s Tire Pros; E. Jane Cook; Executive Realty in Action; GI USA Store; Home Depot; H&M Pipe Supply; Hubbster Embroidery; Joe’s Sanitation; Johnny’s Mexican Restaurant; Kim Griffith and the Lonesome Road Band; Luke Putman; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Russell; Nicco’s; Pahrump Valley Auto; Patty Ann Scheuemann; Pete’s Meats and Treats; Pet Food Depot; Purcell Tire; Quilted Dragon; State Farm Insurance; Sullivan’s Pub; Tarantino’s Pizza; Tire Works; Town of Pahrump, Buiilding and Grounds Department and Maintenance people; Tynia Dickson, ID Shield; Tynia Dickson, Sassy Trainer; and Xpress Auto Service.

If anyone on the list also wants to participate in the 2019 BBQ, please contact us.

We want to offer a SPECIAL thanks to Mr. David Orzechowski, store manager of Purcell Tires for the donation of the $4,000 scooter that was given to DAV member Mike Haywood.

If your company or business is NOT listed and you want to support the 2019 barbecue, please contact Beverly Baker at 702-326-9852 or Cles Saunders at 775-513-6604.

Dr. Tom Waters

Good Samaritans rescue stranded woman

There are good people everywhere.

Recently, my wife was stranded high up on Wheeler Pass with a flat tire and no cell-phone coverage. Five young men traveling together came to her assistance, and promptly changed the tire. They would not give their names, or accept any money for their good deed. Hopefully, at least one of them will read this, and accept the sincere thanks of a grateful husband.

Bob Feener

Depression meds reason for shootings, not weapon

Why the cover-up of school mass shootings?

When young people are being fed pills for depression and ADHD, etc., that actually say on their labels to monitor individual taking them for changes in moods and actions not normal for them, to report it to the doctor prescribing said meds, or to local authorities about these changes.

Most, if not all mass shooters, have been on these meds for their problems, yet no one seems to care enough to actually report. Everyone seems to demonize an inanimate object – the weapon used. I have yet to see any weapon – long gun, handgun, bomb, knife, etc., get itself pointed at victims and fire a bullet, stab, or explode itself.

Maybe, just maybe the medically warped minds of the individual(s) is the main cause of these tragedies. Yah think?

Henry Hurlbut

Price of medical pot unrealistically high

I read the recent article on the profitability of our legal marijuana crops and industry. It infuriated me as once again, we the “little people” are snookered by “Big Industry.”

Last January I began purchasing the beneficial CBD oil that does not produce any mind-altering affects. It helped me with medical symptoms. I then tried a combination of CBD oil and THC in a chocolate bar format taken at bedtime. The effect was helpful and I never felt “high” or out of control.

So why am I furious? Because these wonderful items are priced so ridiculously high (no pun intended) that only the rather rich or rather desperate can afford them on a regular basis.

A tiny bottle of the CBD oil, taken as directly, might last one week, maybe two. Whether at a vape shop or the dispensary, I was averaging $67 a bottle, up to $175. The chocolate bar was over $37 for a bar the size of a Hersey’s bar from a store.

Really? All this profit from a weed? Shame, shame on the government and industry that denies the health-rich benefits of this controversial weed to the general public. I have chosen to vote with my purse and no longer contribute to the insane profits of these greedy culprits.

Patty Vinikow

No emergency pet care in Pahrump

I have a question for pet owners in town. If your beloved pet became sick or was injured during regular business hours, what would you do? Let me guess, you would call your regular veterinarian, or if you do not have one, then look online or in the phone book to locate one. There are only four vet clinics in town and if all clinics were booked and had no time available for an emergency, then what? You would be told “drive to Vegas.”

This recently happened to me and we had to drive to Vegas with a very sick cat who ended up passing away. Not everyone is able to drive to Vegas and/or afford Vegas vet clinic charges. We were very lucky to see a vet there who ended up not charging us anything for their services. But that is not the point of this letter.

I firmly believe there can be a solution to this very serious issue if the veterinarian clinics work together. No, I am not talking about 24-hour emergency vet care in town because I know that won’t happen.

But instead, one solution may be each clinic setting aside some time in their schedules for only emergencies during the week. I am sure that all the appointments in the schedules are not life-threatening situations needing to be seen that day, but instead are routine pet care appointments.

Please understand that I know there have to be some urgent appointments on a daily basis. But there has to be a solution, as the pet population will increase with more people moving here. If money is the primary issue for the veterinarians, then maybe that should be thought about.

Better community relations would be one result as I have heard many horror stories from pet owners wanting a change. Let’s work on this issue as our pets are family.

Virginia Watson

Why is Trump acting like he is guilty?

There is a line from Shakespeare, “Me thinks thou protests too much,” suggesting that an innocent person doesn’t continuously deny allegations. If Trump were innocent he would likely say, “I have nothing to hide. You are welcome to inspect my tax records, my bank accounts, my corporate business records, my cell phone records, also interview my family business members, and I have instructed my attorney to cooperate with you.” Regrettably, Trump didn’t do any of the aforementioned.

Instead, he has obstructed justice by asking former FBI director Comey to go easy on Mike Flynn, who has subsequently pleaded guilty and has agreed to cooperate with the prosecution. He fired Comey after Comey refused to be a rubber stamp for Trump. Trump asked his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to resign after Sessions recused himself “from all matters relating to Russia.” This move by Sessions has made it highly unlikely that he will interfere or replace Rosenstein, the acting AG in the Mueller investigation. I believe, without proof, that Mueller has agreed to hold Sessions harmless, providing that Sessions cooperate with the investigation.

Furthermore, an innocent person would not continuously try to sidetrack the investigation by referring to it as a “witch hunt.” An innocent person would not falsely accuse President Obama, without any evidence whatsoever, of bugging the Trump Tower.

Finally, Trump’s latest lie is that the FBI planted a spy inside his presidential campaign. He doesn’t have one shred of evidence to support this lie. So ridiculous, that even Trey Gowdy, a Republican lawyer congressman from South Carolina, labeled the charge “baseless.” He further commented, “If Trump isn’t guilty, why is he acting like it?”

Let’s compare honest President Carter to Trump. When the Republicans accused President Carter of cheating on his income taxes, he welcomed a full investigation into his peanut farming business in Georgia. Accordingly, Carter was fully investigated without one single charge of dishonesty labeled against him.

As one great American, William Cullen Bryant, who lived through the American Revolution, said, “Truth, though crushed to the earth, will rise again.”

Jim Ferrell

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