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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader believes columnist among few to maintain high standards in writing

Thank you, PVT for printing one of the few truth seekers left in media that still uses the basic journalistic standards of who, what, when, and why in her field without attempting to insert personal bias in her story by framing it or depicting it with a personal slant.

I learned early in life when you hear the word “if” be alert for something that may not be exactly true. Remembering an old saying “if wishes were horses all beggars would ride”, the “if” is central. Once most people get emotionally invested in even things like positions, it becomes very difficult to change, even in the face of glaring facts. A few quotes I try to keep in mind and live by are from people wiser than me. First, Daniel Boorstin: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge.” The next two are credited to Mark Twain: “It is not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so that does,” and “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Thank you, Debra J. Saunders, hope you always remember to bring your “flashlight” to work with fresh “batteries.”

David Jaronik

Didn’t see the looters stealing any work boots

If someone assaults you, burns your business or destroys your community/property does this make you respect them or hate them? I think most would hate them except for the Democratic leaders who say they are just “peaceful protesters”

Whose side are the Democrats (and some Republicans) on? I believe they are so sick with Trump hatred that they would destroy America just to make him look bad. Their laws only apply to them. What about the folks who have worked all their lives just to have it destroyed by these “peaceful” riots and looters who believe they should have everything given to them. I didn’t see them stealing any work boots or gloves.

I have friends of all colors and races who I have great respect for, it is the left-wing mayors, governors and young punks that I have no feeling or respect for.

Sure, we have some bad cops, but I bet if the cop haters were being robbed and assaulted they would be calling 911 and hoping a cop of any color would be there very quickly, not some left-wing peacemaker.

Bill Angle

Convincing data needed about transmission of novel coronavirus

I think Mr. Schinhofen’s article of July 1, “Pandemic requires facts, not fear,” is largely correct. There is a lot we do not know about the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and how to control it.

However, I have a few personal observations about respiratory droplets, like those exhaled when we cough, sneeze or talk, and could carry the virus. I think some simple observations can lead us to conclude the 6-foot social distance is reasonable. And that wearing a mask can only help.

I have a room humidifier which expels a fine mist of water droplets. When I gently blow on this mist from three feet away it is dispersed. If I blow hard from 6 feet, there is little or no disturbance. Secondly, the droplets from the humidifier evaporate to water vapor (H20 gas) within 3 feet from the humidifier. It seems reasonable that the droplets we exhale are of a comparable size to those from the humidifier (about 5 microns, or .0002 in.), since what we see when we exhale into cold air is similar.

Assuming exhaled air and droplets move together, I conclude the respiratory droplets will not reach someone more than 6 feet away, either because they won’t travel that far, or they have evaporated.

Whether the virus can survive ‘drying out (and ‘float’ in the air), and for how long, are questions also tied to whether it can be transmitted by contact with surfaces. I have yet to see any convincing data about this.

Sincerely Yours,

George Tucker

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Special session fiasco part 2

During this current “special session”, our Democrat-controlled Legislature has prioritized police “reforms” and seem to have forgotten that we are in, what they call, “a health emergency”. While Nevada does have some bad officers, from the vast majority of police in our state, we have not seen racism as a driving issue. Still our state Democratic leaders think that getting on the record with specious “reforms” is a priority, so that their other Democratic friends feel good.

TIM BURKE: Nevada Democrats force November mail-in ballot

The act of physically going to a polling location and casting my vote in-person has always given me a feeling of satisfaction that I am participating in the election process.

THOMAS KNAPP: Afghanistan Bounties: Pot, Meet Kettle (and Turn Off the Stove!)

“These are anarchists, these are not protesters,” President Donald Trump said on July 20th, defending his decision to unleash Department of Homeland Security hooligans on anti-police-violence demonstrators in Portland. Anarchist-bashing — referring to “radical-left anarchists” in Minneapolis, “ugly anarchists” in Seattle, etc. — has become a consistent Trump campaign theme since May.

CHUCK BAKER: Land, Land, but not an inch to spare

“Don’t Fence Me In” was a popular song in the 1940s. Some might say it could be today’s theme song for Nellis AFB. Between all the land held in Nevada by the local air base and the Bureau of Land Management, it appears that control over boundaries and borders will be with Silver State entities for quite some time. And not just in the south.

TIM BURKE: First Amendment protects free speech, not violence

In the rural counties of Nevada, it is not uncommon to have residents assemble and express their conservative viewpoints. Here in Pahrump, during patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, you might find someone standing along the main roadways waving an American flag to show their support for this country. It is also common to see American flags attached to residents’ cars and trucks around town. These residents are exercising their First Amendment rights.