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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Election can’t be over soon enough for area voter

The upcoming election cannot be over soon enough. While supporters of the president hold huge patriotic rallies, including motorcycle rallies and boat rallies, supporters of the Democratic nominee riot, burn down cities, and loot stores.

I supported the once great Democratic party for many years, but no more! Today’s party has become controlled by radicals who have turned the party into something ugly, dangerous, and destructive to America. The party has presented no viable presidential candidates with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard who was too smart, patriotic, a military officer and an independent thinker who the radicals could not control so the party shunned her like a rattlesnake.

The current panic by the Democrats is another example of lunacy, President Trump will nominate a new Supreme Court Justice whether before the election or after, doesn’t really make any difference.

The great American silent majority has been watching the unbelievable lunacy by the Democratic party and is not happy. President Trump will not only be re-elected but we wouldn’t be surprised if he is re-elected by the biggest landslide in the country’s history.

Frank Gardner

Unfortunately, in politics it’s all about the money

Stacy Riney’s PVT letter on Sept. 16 is much closer to the truth many don’t understand. I was and grew up in a basic Democratic household, hearing early on how the Democrats were for poorer working people and the Republicans were for the richer people.

As I grew, I found some facts for myself and started to pay some attention, sometimes commonly known narratives that may have been true at one time, may not be anymore.

As a kid, I didn’t know what then-President Eisenhower was talking about in his farewell speech referring to the “Military-Industrial Complex”.

Having served two tours in Vietnam, some things he was talking about later came to light. On the first tour, most of the structures and facilities we had were built by the Army Corps of Engineers (some places by the Seabees), quick and temporary.

On my second tour, there were these massive building projects almost entirely done by private contractors, mostly from the U.S.

Years later I found most of these contracts were done by Brown and Root or closely tied companies to them and also found Lady Bird Johnson’s family had strong economic ties to Brown and Root, which was the largest contractor in the world at the time and later became known as Haliburton.

That erased lines between the Democrats and Republicans, but made a strong line for money players. Since then these things have grown exponentially and moved into other areas.

At one time wars were waged for the perceived benefit of the initiator for things like land and treasure but that has transformed, at least in this country, for the benefit of various corporate interests and political interests to acquire taxpayers’ money at the cost of not only our blood but the blood of some innocents.

I believe Trump understands this game on the local level, admitting he played it donating to the “right” campaigns to smooth the way for some building projects, but I don’t believe how deep and widespread it is on the national level.

Think about his impeachment hearing, the witnesses and their statements that essentially said, “We don’t care who’s in office, we run things here and you can play ball with us and make money or if you fight us we’ll destroy you.” Biden in his nearly 50 years in office, at least in his cognitive days, knew this well, making his family members rich (son and brothers), while cleverly devising ways to only be legally “culpable deniable participant”, like so many other players.

David Jaronik

This election promises to be history-making says Pahrump reader

Do you vote as your parents did and taught you? Do you vote because you’ve always voted for the party? Do you vote for freebies that will only cost you more of your earnings no matter what the politicians promise? Or do you vote for what’s the best choice to keep America strong and prosperous and a free republic with law and order for all?

Just think about how you choose to vote in November.

How many of you know the Pew Research Center found that one in eight voter registrations in the U.S. weren’t valid or very inaccurate, with deceased persons still on ballot registration lists, more than 1.8 million of them?

Did you know Los Angeles County records have not been updated in 20 years and have 1.5 million inactive voters still on their listing? This is more than Kansas has in active voters. And naturally, California has a ballot harvesting law allowing more chances of voter fraud.

How many of you are, like me, from California? I wonder how many times I have voted there since living here in Pahrump for 16 years?

This election will go down in history for all sorts of illegal happenings – count on it!

Henry Hurlbut

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