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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

It’s time to get tough on rioters, says reader

Instead of canceling America, let’s cancel rioters.

These many, or few, paid agitators need to be put in jail or prison for destruction of property (private and taxpayer-owned), assault of others with intent to injure or kill and for any and all illegal acts. Any involved in rioting at government facilities should be tried in federal court with no plea deals.

If you do the crime, you must do the time! When you do the time, you become a non-voter until your sentence is completely over, including parole. If the agitator is not a citizen, deport upon sentencing with a ban on re-entry for life.

Judges who do not follow the existing laws and refuse to properly sentence individuals for their illegal acts must be removed from office for not doing their taxpayer-funded job.

One law for all, not just a few or privileged.

Henry Hurlbut

Electoral College gives voice to small minority

Mr. Dennis Crooks’ PVT letter, of Sept. 25, proposing dissolving the Electoral College has little difference between initiating more ‘mob’ rule.

The one thing for sure about mob rule, it almost always is based on emotion and rationalization and reason seldom plays any part, at least until it is found out too late.

There is little doubt the Electoral system is not perfect like every other thing implemented by man, but it does make an attempt to give voice to the smallest minority, the individual.

The central government, like all other organizations and institutions, either grow and increase or fade and shrink, with only very limited times of stagnancy, and our central government has been growing for some time with one branch in the forefront, the Executive branch.

This is partially due to our human nature to look to one place or one person to address our problems and also to blame when things go wrong. Our country was founded on some very different and radical ideas than the rest of the world.

For example, the very words “The United States” means individual ‘states’ united in agreed common goals. I know we have been abandoning that basic principle for some time though a series of ‘carrots and sticks’ principles that have grown the central government and diminished the powers of state governments.

And yes, I do know the first argument presented to me will be slavery, but even this should be looked at through 18th-century eyes, not the 21st, worldwide.

Let’s consider another place on putting the mob in power. With all the emphasis on ‘climate change’ coal-fired power plants are being closed, solar and wind power to date is not developed enough to fill the void, and nuclear power is clean but the mob is frightened of it so there haven’t any built since 1993. With power shortages, blackouts, states and power companies have been scrambling to keep the existing plants operating.

These plants serve largely populated areas and one of the main factors in keeping these clean plants going is their capacity to store their ‘spent fuel rods’, which is dwindling around the country.

Now with the understanding that Nevada, land-wise is 84% owned by the central government and although Nevada has zero nuclear plants, the mob wants and needs their electricity now and speaking in terms of majority rule, we’ll just dump our waste in there and you just don’t get any say-so.

So, along with eliminating the Electoral College, we may just as well eliminate individual states. The biggest dogs rule and even if they make mistakes, they usually don’t realize it until well after the fact.

David Jaronik

Reader comments on passing of Supreme Court justice

After the events of this weekend with a Supreme Court justice passing, I felt the need to write. All I heard from the left-leaning in this country was negativity and from the right I heard respect for RGB..

From the left, it was threats, such as “nothing is off the table.” And just what does that mean? It sounds to me like they are threatening “war.” Haven’t you caused enough hate and burning and looting? That is not the way this country was founded. From the right, they stated and rightfully so that they intended to follow the constitution and the way it was written.

The timing of her death was one that will set this country on fire from the left and just what the hell is wrong you? You need to go back and read that wonderful document that has stood for over 250 years. I have read and reread it several times and the only thing I would change is term limits for the House and Senate.

As a lifelong Democrat, people asked me how I could believe the way I do. It is simple, I didn’t leave the party, they left me for a radical party of socialism and communism. They state that if you don’t believe the way we do, we will destroy you and this great country just for the power. There will be nothing left for anyone to rule or have power over..

Please join me in stopping these tyrants from getting their way. Please vote to keep our great president, Donald Trump. God bless America.

Stacy Riney

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Letters to the Editor

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