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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Waiting in DMV lines hard for handicapped and seniors

Why doesn’t the DMV have a kiosk that works from the exterior of their building? Why the necessity of having to make people go inside to renew their vehicle’s license?

Of course this would need a better machine than the present one which sometimes becomes stubborn and will frustrate even the most forgiving person. Maybe the DMV could get ATM companies to build a better outdoor accessible machine. It would solve a bit of the waiting lines having to give way for kiosk users.

Those who are handicapped or have severe restriction of movement causing pain to their bodies have to wait outside with healthy people waiting to renew or get a new driver’s license or other DMV needs. Why can’t the people with problems call for appointment times so they don’t have to become part of the “first come – first served”? Folks over 65-70 have lived here a while and paid their dues need some help during the “golden” years, I would think.

Since Pahrump is a town with many retirees, it would seem a pertinent thing to do – hopefully, most will agree.

Henry Hurlbut

A different perspective on the impact of this election

I know that there are many opinions out there as to the suitability of one candidate over another, but my concerns go beyond who to vote for president. My concerns are what will the country become under the leadership of that candidate? This question goes deeper than Republican or Democrat, this goes to the future of America and my grandchildren. As you vote this year ask yourself, do I want my country to remain free or become a socialist country? These are the real questions to consider when voting.

There have been clues as to what each candidate thinks about America. One feels that we are a nation of good people who want to work, not have a government program take care of our needs. The other candidate feels that we are systemically racist, that we need to pay and pay for the wrongs done by our ancestors, and we really do not have the right to pursue life, liberty and justice, unless it is their justice. In addition, the color of your skin determines who is lying, who deserves to live and why their voice is more important than any other, and that rules should not be made for the majority but the minority.

In reality we all matter, we were all created; we all have inalienable rights given not to us by the government, but by god. We all have the right to think, to disagree, to prosper, to live as free people, but most of all, to love our neighbors as ourselves. There are factions who would tear our country apart. Why? Because we are the hope for millions living outside our country. We are the beacon on the hill sounding freedom’s call, and we are the watchman at the gate of democracy.

When you vote, don’t think which candidate would help me the most; think which candidate would help America the most. This applies to every political race, governor, state Senate, judge, district attorney, Congress and president. Your vote counts and we need to hear your voice.

Brenda Dymonf

Reader reacts to death of Associate Justice Ginsburg

After the events of the weekend with a Supreme Court justice passing, I felt the need to write. All I heard from the left-leaning in this country was negativity and from the right I heard respect for RGB.

From the left it was threats, such as “nothing is off the table.” And just what does that mean? It sounds to me like they are threatening “WAR”. Haven’t you caused enough hate and burning and looting? That is not the way this country was founded. From the right they stated and rightfully so that they intended to follow the constitution and the way it was written.

The timing of her death was one that will set this country on fire from the left and just what the hell is wrong you? You need to go back and read that wonderful document that has stood for over 250 years. I have read and reread it several times and the only thing I would change is term limits for the House and Senate.

As a lifelong Democrat people asked me how I could believe the way I do. It is simple, I didn’t leave the party, they left me for a radical party of socialism and communism.

They state that if you don’t believe the way we do, we will destroy you and this great country just for the power. There will be nothing left for anyone to rule or have power over..

Please join me in stopping these tyrants from getting their way. Please vote to keep our great president, Donald Trump. God bless America.

Stacy Riney

Changing from Electoral College system is necessary

This is in support of Dennis Crook’s letter that the Electoral College is outdated. We honor and respect what our forefathers did to establish our nation hundreds of years ago – that is a given. What we must do as Americans today, at this important crossroads of our nation’s history, is decide if we will continue submitting to an Electoral College system, whereby a small number of states decide who wins our elections (a Democratic republic) or adopt a democracy, i.e. one person, one vote system.

Today’s status quo paints a different picture. Example: most of us choose our candidate(s) based on the judgment of their character, their stated belief system, their record and their perceived ability to govern. The second part of course: their party platform and record.

Unfortunately for us, this present system (Electoral College) means that we citizens, of whatever party, can do everything possible during the campaign – donate make phone calls, write, knock on doors, to ensure that our candidates win, only to see that our work was for nothing.

The fact is that by a few swing states having the majority of the electoral college votes, it becomes possible for them to determine the results their way.

Either by various forms of voter repression, or, if all else fails, the legislators from these states can override the popular vote in that state by declaring their right to choose the individuals who will cast the electoral college votes, thus throwing the election the opposite way from the popular vote by citizens.

Remember, in the last two presidential elections the winner was not won by the popular vote! Changing the Electoral College will be difficult. The minority who have reaped the benefits from our present system will not give up their power easily!

The long and thoughtful debate that requires everyone’s understanding the issues needs to start, now.

Nancy Jackson Boyce

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