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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Results of election not making everyone happy

Sad to say that at this writing, (11/7/20) we will have Democrat for president. I hope all who voted for Biden and more than likely Harris in the long run, will keep a long memory on their choice(s) since I see a long list of “promises” that will change within the first year, if not sooner, i.e. no taxes for people making under $400,000 a year.

Really, does anyone believe that will hold out!! If it’s not an outright tax, they will wordsmith some other money grab for that “group”! It isn’t the first time for this type of “promise” and it won’t be the last!!! (Pick either party on that issue!)

He’s not in office yet and I have already read a “glowing” article on Yahoo concerning Biden’s (or whoever is pulling his strings) national mandate on wearing masks. Can’t wait to see what the puppet masters have in store for America next – to restrict, control, remove, demoralize, etc.

Hope everyone is ready, the Dem’s, most of the media and now the internet “gurus” spent over four years lambasting, lying, controlling content and for some people (think social media), thought. Plus they spent millions of our tax money on wild goose chases, all the while pushing their propaganda of being for the people. So who really was dividing the county? It doesn’t seem to take a lot of thought to figure that out!!

I hope the people who voted for Biden are happy, for now, but looking at the vote count, there are close to 50% of us that are very unhappy with the results.

I’m somewhat hopeful that the America I knew growing up can make a comeback (more than likely not during the next four years) but I do hope it does – at least for my grandson and all the other youth that will take a hit in the next few years!!

Proud to be an American but very concerned about our local, state and federal governments, as they stand now!!??

Doug Blackstock

Things are not getting any easier at the Pahrump DMV

Earlier in the summer there was a glimmer of hope, as mentioned in the PVT, that the Pahrump DMV was becoming more responsive to the Pahrump public that it serves. Not so.

Previous to the pandemic, if you were inside of the DMV at 5 PM, the doors might be closed to new entries, but your business was completed. Now, as I witnessed today, at 4:15 no more forms would be accepted from the folks still in line, who had been waiting for hours, and they were told to just come back tomorrow.

The DMV is a major State of Nevada cash cow. To prevent customers from delivering generous money because of a curtailed closing time makes zero business sense. The correct answer, that any private sector business would welcome, is to pay a bit of overtime and get a lot more revenue.

People are wasting many productive hours waiting in line at this almost unbelievably inefficient money losing DMV. Every time someone takes almost a full day off to wait at the DMV, the State of Nevada loses a productive revenue generating day of labor.

Every time the DMV offends another person trying to deliver cash to them, the number of drivers operating with expired license plates increases. This is another direct revenue loss to the DMV. Governor Sisolak and the DMV are stupid losers that have no comprehension of basic economics, or the meaning of public service.

Unresponsive inefficient government agencies, such as the Nevada DMV, are a disease that is as corrosive to our society as is COVID-19.

Fred Dexter

Easy to criticize fed’s handling of COVID

I read Tim Burke’s post on how COVID is wearing people down, both mentally and physically. Here in Great Britain people are similarly worn out with the restrictions and the constant changes to the rules and regulations, especially concerning where and in what circumstances masks should be worn. I write this on the final day of October when it is reported that another complete month-long lockdown is shortly to be announced, causing severe economic issues due to nonessential business being ordered to close though, of course, the intention is to reduce the growing number of people being infected, resulting in a death rate matching that of the spring when the virus was at its most virulent.

It is easy to criticize the government of the day and many politicians have made political capital of how Boris Johnson and his team of ministers have handled the pandemic, especially stating that the first lockdown wasn’t introduced early enough, though some of the same people are now stating that going into another lockdown will cause more harm than good given the damage it does to people’s mental state due to the lack of social interaction, along with the economic damage caused by the government vastly reducing their financial support to working people unable to pursue their careers due to the restrictions.

My own view, as a 70-year-old widower with a handicap, is that individuals have to take responsibility for their own actions by socially distancing from people at all times and wearing a mask, however tiresome that may be, whenever they are required to do so. It is similar to crossing a road, you are responsible for not getting run over. Though for how long these restrictions are going to impact our daily lives is impossible to say but a sense of community that involves looking out for our family, friends and neighbors is vital in keeping everyone’s mental and physical well-being intact in these uncertain and worrying times.

Kenneth Farrington

West Yorkshire, Great Britain

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