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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Nation must work together to win Covid battle

The election is over – FINALLY! Now, how hard would it be if ALL Americans would begin behaving like just plain Americans?

The USA has become soooo red, blue, left, right, conservative or liberal, we’ve forgotten that the “U” in USA stands for united. Divided, we will never accomplish anything positive. Together, the sky’s the limit!

During this pandemic, we must fight it united. Otherwise, we’ll lose the battle. This disease has no political affiliation. If we don’t work together to control this disease, many more will be affected or die. There’s no way out!

With politics removed from efforts toward a positive change for this great country, we’ll have a chance to succeed. But we must do it together. One of the most important words in our Constitution, “WE the people.”

Just say’n.

Katrine Silva

It’s a good time to be kind and be thankful for blessings

I have lived here for 23 years. I am a transplant from Michigan.

Pahrump has an interesting mixture of people and cultures. We have all contributed to the town’s growth; we support our local business and all enjoy our unique landscape.

I love the desert, rocks, mountains and beautiful sunny weather, especially our awesome sunrises and sunsets. Rain when it arrives is a welcome gift and I look forward to it. This year, in 2020 it has been over 200 days since we had rain.

So as we look forward to Thanksgiving it is time to stop, look around, and smile. We are lucky to live in the United States of America and enjoy people from every country as neighbors and friends.

My dad told me that there never was a good war or a bad peace. We can come together to share what we all have.

So Pahrump be kind and gentle this 2020 Thanksgiving season. Enjoy the holiday and look forward to Christmas. Let’s make Pahrump a better place for all of us by each doing our part.

As for me, I am mixing it up and eating dessert first. God bless our country, state and town.

Betty Cotner

Biden task force appointment not good for elderly

According to CJ Stevens, since it’s beginning to look like the much despised “Orange Man” may soon be gone, we can get back to the world, ‘unicorns and butterflies’ soon.

But taking words literally while ignoring the results of actions is usually a worthy endeavor. For example, there are many ways to pay for things. By gutting NAFTA and implementing the USMCA, has lifted an economic burden on U.S. taxpayers and will continue to do so for years to come, even many Democrats have said so.

Next, Biden has hired Ezekiel Emanuel as part of his COVID taskforce. Ezekiel was one of the chief architects of Obamacare. He also wrote what he called the “Complete Lives System”, something everyone should read. Obama was running around trying to ‘sell’ America on Obamacare when he was asked by a woman if implemented would her mother be eligible for a certain medical procedure? In a rare moment of honesty, he essentially said “we couldn’t be making exceptions and her mother should just take the pill” (go home and die, unless of course, you had connections to the powerful). Ezekiel has also stated, “If you’re 75, you’ve already lived long enough.” He also said if we do have a viable vaccine, it first needs to go to young, productive people first, next to other countries but seemed unconcerned about the most vulnerable.

As far as golf, I don’t care who does or how, I only care about the actions they put in motion and the results of those actions. As far as laws, in our government laws originate in the legislative branch, not the executive. And maybe CJ favors 19-plus years of wars, like both sides seem to, or are some getting pretty wealthy having them continue?

China has been trying to help balance trade with us or at least with Hunter and family. And anyone who really believes any business or individual will continue to absorb expenses indefinitely is just fooling themselves, if they can’t pass expenses to customers, they won’t be in business very long, including taxes. You never hear whispers about Israeli peace deals, how well every group in the country – Blacks, Hispanics, women, and everyone else was doing so well in real spendable income until the Chinese virus.

The Chinese are not stupid and I’d bet they have volumes of information on ‘Lunchbucket Joe’. There is also a multitude of factions that feel they ‘put’ Joe in office (some extremely radical) have already let it be known they will be demanding a return on their investment. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

David Jaronik

First Amendment rights protect all beliefs, opinions

I am incensed once again as I read another sophomoric debate in defense of the First Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution while disseminating hate. Everyone knows that electioneering is pure propaganda… that is, it is a person’s one-sided opinion or belief.

Nevada’s political campaigns have been very negative. Why do I have to believe the hate that can infiltrate in my mind, heart and soul? Everyone is entitled to their political beliefs as everyone is protected under the same Constitution and first Amendment.

United States history reminds us that the Puritans came for the right to practice reforms to the Anglican or state religion of England. Then Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams practiced and preached for religious freedom of their beliefs in colonial times. Therefore everyone’s beliefs or political opinions are protected, but propaganda through their negative language instills hate.

Jane Moy

Reader shares different interpretations of a ‘soul’

Have you ever given thought to what one’s soul might be? We have all heard the word ‘soul’ contained in expressions such as: The poor old soul. She was the soul of the party or He sold his soul to the Devil. All of these examples leave each listener to fill in the blanks with their own concept of what ‘soul’ means.

Having consulted several quotation books, one would think quotable great minds would have expounded on their particular thinking about ‘souls’; but the pages are empty. When turning to dictionaries and encyclopedias one finds considerable spilled ink without much substance. Once such source, The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, copyright 1983 contains one rendering offering a grain of wisdom; (an excerpt) For many Western philosophers the term ‘soul’ is indefinable. Others consider ‘soul’ synonymous with mind. Webster’s College Dictionary, Fourth Edition lists an interesting composite word, ‘soulless’: lacking soul, sensitivity, or depth of feeling without spirit or inspiration. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, copyright 1966 (excerpt) 1. an entity which is regarded as being the immortal or spiritual part of a person and, though having no physical or material reality, is credited with the functions of thinking and willing, and hence determining all behavior. 2. the moral or emotional nature of man. 3. spiritual or emotional warmth, force, etc., or evidence of this; as, the painting, like the artist, lacks soul.

We are told each individual is composed of three natures: Spirit, Mind and Body; which causes us to wonder about our souls. Each of our three natures can be explained or defined. Spirit is an emanation from God to each individually and cannot be denied because it is the spark that gives and takes away life. It is the small still voice of conscious that advises our minds and is the undefined communication link between each person and God. Mind is the major component separating humans from other animals. It has the capacity to learn, store data, processes that data, has the capacity to make decisions and sets each person apart from all others. Mind also controls the body. Body gives us mobility and is the home to our mind, spirit and soul.

Reference books are lacking in giving a complete answer to the nature of our souls As in, if one is able to sell one’s soul, what is being sold?

First we are told, via reference books; one’s soul is not a material object and is indefinable. The following definition or description of one’s soul will probably differ from each reader’s thoughts and is therefore offered as a model or launching vehicle to stimulate reader’s thinking.

Since we are dealing with a non-material something, we must turn to an abstract concept and for this application a psychological term known as. a Gestalt. A Gestalt is a pattern or structure reflecting an idea and behaviors the brain creates to guide one’s life.

For example; the founders of our nation created a Gestalt we know as our Constitution. This Gestalt applies to persons accepting citizenship therein and each person will include the Nation’s Constitutional precepts in their personal Gestalt or soul. One’s soul further includes the character of each person with character including: one’s spirit and relationship to God, belief in our nation and personal integrity (honesty) in all one’s words and actions. For we military veterans our soul also includes our oath to; Guard and protect our Nation’s Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Unfortunate in any assembly of people there will be a minority with a Gestalt or soul contrary to the overall majority. This minority’s Gestalt or structure contains opposite precepts to those believing and living within the framework of our Nation’s Constitution. This minority is extremely politically motivated claiming liberal-progressive views believing ends justify their means in attaining their goal and their goal is to shift our republic to a socialistic/communistic state claiming equality for all.

Political liberal-progressive adherents have taken on a different soul or thought structure. They do not believe in the creator God with their allegiance only to furthering their ambitions for gaining political power, absolute control and money. They have shed all integrity and will use any means to reach their goals.

Post Script. The liberal-progressives political movement has distorted the difference between a Democracy and Republic style of government. A Democracy is where each citizen has one vote creating laws pertaining to the nation. A Republic is where citizens elect representatives to create governing laws. Democracies may be practical in small organizations; but become impractical in a nation where the complete citizenry must vote on each governmental action.

Dwight W. Hunter

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