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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Biden’s COVID task force appointment not good news for elderly people

According to CJ Stevens, since it’s beginning to look like the much despised “Orange Man” may soon be gone, we can get back to the world of ‘unicorns and butterflies’ soon.

But taking words literally while ignoring the results of actions is usually a worthy endeavor. For example, there are many ways to pay for things. Gutting NAFTA and implementing the USMCA has lifted an economic burden on U.S. taxpayers by bringing fairness and will continue to do so for years to come, even many Democrats have said so.

Next, Biden has hired Ezekiel Emanuel as part of his COVID taskforce. Ezekiel was one of the chief architects of Obamacare.

He also wrote what he called the “Complete Lives System”, something everyone should read. Remember when Obama was running around trying to ‘sell’ America on Obamacare when he was asked by a woman, if implemented, would her mother be eligible for a certain medical procedure?

In a rare moment of honesty, he essentially said, “We couldn’t be making exceptions and her mother should just take the pill”, (go home and die, unless of course, you had connections to the powerful).

Ezekiel has also stated, “If you’re 75 you’ve already lived long enough”. He also said if we do have a viable vaccine, it first needs to go to young productive people first, next to other countries but seemed unconcerned about the most vulnerable.

As far as golf, I don’t care who does or how, I only care about the actions they put in motion and the results of those actions.

As far as laws, in our government laws originate in the legislative branch, not the executive.

And maybe CJ favors 19 plus years of wars, like both sides seem to, or are some getting pretty wealthy in having them continue? China has been trying to help balance trade with us or at least with Hunter and family. And anyone who really believes any business or individual will continue to absorb expenses indefinitely is just fooling themselves, if they can’t pass expenses to customers, they won’t be in business very long, including taxes.

You never hear whispers about Israeli peace deals, how well every group in the country, Blacks, Hispanics, women, and everyone else was doing so well in ‘real spendable income until the Chinese virus.

The Chinese are not stupid and I’d bet they have volumes of information on ‘Lunchbucket Joe’ There is also a multitude of factions that feel they ‘put’ Joe in office (some extremely radical) have already let it be known they will be demanding a “return on their investment”.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

David Jaronik

Will construction trucks repair our roadways?

So once again the big trucks are using our neighborhood streets as shortcuts to construction sites here in the south end of the Valley. Our speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but for some reason it does not seem to apply to these monsters speeding to their job sites.

Are the owners of these trucks going to pay for patching up our streets? The wear and tear of large rigs can leave holes in the road that take out tires and cause accidents. Plus we use our roads to take walks. Do not hit a small dog, a child, or other pedestrian.

Trucks, once again, use the Hafen Ranch Road, Kellogg, Homestead and other main roads (not our subdivision’s streets) in going to and from your work sites. What excuse does your company have to continue to put us at risk? Please drive safely, obey speed limits and stay on the roads provided for you.

Betty Cotner

Reader has simple answer to local homeless issue

I am writing in response to Sharon Sheppard’s plea “What can we do, Pahrump?” regarding the homeless. The best answer is “do nothing.”

I moved here from the Portland, Oregon area where they now have a huge homeless problem. Electing two very liberal mayors with an agenda to help the homeless is like a snowball rolling downhill. What started as a small problem escalated into a large problem and the homeless crisis is ongoing.

The city built numerous shelters, set aside land for some to put small houses, tent cities and questionable living accommodations to no avail. The people kept coming and the city became overwhelmed. The homeless with dogs would not go into shelters as no dogs are allowed. They would camp in doorways of the downtown businesses and when the owners of the business came to open the store, they would find urine and feces left behind by the homeless person. They would pitch tent cities on the median between sidewalks and city streets, in the city parks, along the freeways, along the bike trails and anyplace that a tent would fit. In some areas the city hauled in huge boulders so tents could not be put up.

A few years ago, the city was considering setting aside land and putting tiny houses on the land to house homeless.

Through word of mouth, cellphones, social media the word got around and another large influx of homeless arrived in the area. There will never be enough, as the old saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.”.

When people complained about these tent cities cropping up in their neighborhood the city would give them so many days’ notice to move and then send in the police if they were still there.

After they were gone the city would have to hire a cleanup crew to dispose of the filth and mess the homeless would leave behind. This expense means raising property taxes and other fees to the downtown businesses to cover the costs.

I will recommend one thing Pahrump can do. Hire a bus and bus the homeless to Las Vegas where all the accommodations are already in place to help the homeless.

Nancy Bernert

Are Americans giving up their rights to freedom?

Pennsylvania, New York and California are mandating masks in people’s homes.

We as Americans are giving up rights that were won by patriots in two world wars and conflicts still going on today.

They’re testing the waters; if we continue to give in to the fear they’re peddling we will not recognize our country. Home of the free — not now. A George Orwell America is coming. They’ve stolen an election, heck, we can’t even trust the FBI, who orchestrated the Russia hoax and suppressed the Biden laptop.

Kenneth Braun

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