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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader considers seeing animals a privilege

To the gentleman complaining about mustangs and donkeys, as you stated, they were here before you. You moved into their range, they did not move into yours. They are part of the heritage and history of the West, you are not.

I live in the north end and consider it a privilege when I see them, which I do often. My property is fenced to keep them out as they would be happy to help themselves to my horses’ hay. I also own a mustang that the BLM saw fit to “round up”, he is an amazing animal and very intelligent.

You, sir, put me to mind of someone who moves next to an airport and then wants it shut down due to the noise. Instead of complaining, try to learn about them and see the beauty of their history and life.

Thomas Atkinson

Horses just doing what they do, reader says

Here’s my advice to Mr. Livingston and his neighbors: MOVE – the horses and donkeys were here first. People move into their territory and then get upset when they act naturally and do what they’ve always done.

Look at it this way, Mr. Livingston, you’re getting your daily exercise. You want the BLM to gather them up and ship them off to a holding facilities because you’re inconvenienced. Enough already – too many animals have already been caught and shipped off. It amounts to the same principle as moving close to an airport then bitching because of the airplane noise.

I’ve already run into people like you in Riverside County, California. They move into a horse community then get upset because of the dust and horse poop that happens in front of their house. They knew the horses were there when they moved in, then want to change things. I almost got hit by cars several times because they blocked off the trail in front of their house and I was forced into the street.

Donna Whitaker

Thank you for our fire department’s kindness

Thank you to the Pahrump fire department and all they do for the people in Pahrump.

A special thank you to the three gentlemen who came to our home and changed our five smoke detector batteries.

We are seniors with health issues and we really appreciate their kindness and service.

B. Blincoe

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Op-ed: Stop the Yucca licensing process

For years Nye County has been asking for the licensing to resume and Nevada blocked us every way they could. When I was a county commissioner, we had nine of the 17 counties signed onto a resolution that asked for that very thing.

Sisolak announces cloud-training collaboration between Amazon, schools

The partnership will make Nevada one of the first states in the country to announce a collaboration between Amazon Web Services and K-12, higher education, and government workforce agencies.