Museums’ funding in Nye County in jeopardy

The Central Nevada Museum in Tonopah and the Pahrump Valley Museum are in jeopardy due to budget cuts by Nye County. We need your support to help keep these museums open.

The Central Nevada Museum has been in continuous operation for 34 years, the Pahrump Valley Museum for 23 years. Both museums provide an educational experience to residents and visitors alike.

With more than 1,000 books and thousands of photos, maps, documents, displays and research material the Central Nevada Museum has attained national recognition as an authority on western history. It has been visited and utilized by researchers from all over the world and US.

We would appreciate your concerns about the loss of funding for these museums and ask if you would write a letter to the Nye County commissioners about your feelings.

Contact information for the Nye County Commission is:

Lorinda Wichman,, 775-761-1626;

Frank Carbone,, 775-513-9736;

Donna Cox,, 775-253-0828;

Andrew “Butch” Borasky,, 775-513-9388; and

Dan Schinhofen,, 775-513-8491.

Thank you for your support.


Allen Metscher

President of Central Nevada Historical Society

Co-founder of the Central Nevada Historical Society 1975

Co-founder of Central Nevada Museum 1981

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