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Sheriff: Becht suffers from political amnesia

In response to the former Capt. Bill Becht’s letter in the PV Times on 21 March 2014: His letter to the paper ends with, “I am seeking election as sheriff, because I know what needs to be fixed, and how to fix it, while minimizing liability to the county, and restoring the public’s trust in this office.”

Before I read the article he wrote, I was told that his letter read like his confession and it should.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Becht (now candidate Becht) his memory is short, he is infected with Political Amnesia, thus his information is incomplete.

The file he refers to was turned over to internal affairs, a statement validated by Travis Huggins. Mr. Becht forgets the meetings I had with him and other staff members on this matter back in 2007.

I even asked him to look into the matter as well and he stated he could not find anything. After all, the sergeant in question was assigned to him.

In the final days of his position with Nye County last year, (who gave him employment for 25 years), he spoke of Nye County with malediction and ending with “I can’t wait to put Nye County in my rear view mirror.” He was heading off to Tucson, Ariz. He stated the only time I will come back here is for family events, he packed his bags and moved to Tucson.

He stated he was backing a candidate for sheriff and gave him a glowing endorsement. Well, Becht made a “U-Turn” to run for sheriff. Mr. Becht made a “U-Turn” to back himself, his choice for sheriff is now not a good choice? The political statement “I voted for it before I voted against it,” seems to resonate here.

Mr. Becht is mistaken when he claims to want to restore public trust. Mr. Becht forgets that he advocated repeatedly for me to give his friend and the person he endorsed for sheriff, special consideration outside of the law and policy.

I had to repeatedly refuse, telling then Capt. Becht he was wrong. However, Becht continuously sided with his friend, over the sheriff’s office, this lawful policy, and me. Mr. Zane (once he realized my “No” was a “No”), filed a lawsuit against me on 13 December 2011, case CV33201.

On 30 March 2012, the lawsuit was dismissed, which proved Becht and Zane were wrong, and cost the taxpayers money.

Capt. Becht’s professional responsibility was to side with the lawful policy, he made a “U-Turn” there as well, and sided with a friend.

Mr. Becht claims he wants to minimize liability and restore the public trust, really? The statement he places in his letter reads as if he is a bulwark on integrity. Mr. Becht forgets that evidence where the drugs were to be stored until disposal was under his command as was the sergeant, again political amnesia has struck.

Apparently, he forgot he was the area commander, and what his job was. Responsible to manage those under his command, and from his statement, it seems he could not even do the job he was trusted with.

It appears that he knowingly wanted to betray this office. He never brought any of the concerns he made in his article to the PVT to my attention.

You would think that if he were aware of certain issues he would have fixed them, come to me for help. I gave him the responsibility and trust, for those in his command.

The issues that he mentions deals with those people and areas that were under his command.

He could have left with the kind words spoken at his retirement.

Unfortunately, he wants to make a political point to validate his run for sheriff and attack me.

Again, acute case of Political Amnesia.

What was he doing as the area commander, with full authority to run his command?

Risking public safety, officer safety, and potential litigious situation for Nye County, by his actions, lack thereof and silence?

In his article, he never stated “I went to the Sheriff to address my concerns and he refused to listen or enact any changes.”

Reason, he never-ever did, where was his concern then, if any, now he has an epiphany?

In my response, I address those statements that Mr. Becht stated outside of any private conversation, and address what he brings out in written statements, and/or what is mentioned in court documents.

I am not going to go point by point to validate my next statement and my extreme disappointment with Bill Becht.

In short, he knows what needs to be fixed because he broke it, along with my trust. I am fixing the neglected responsibilities he left, with the assistance of those still dedicated and working at the NCSO.

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