Cancer: Muckers coach prepares for biggest contest of his life

The outpouring of love continues to grow each day for Muckers Coach Javier Gonzalez. Gonzalez coached at the junior varsity level in volleyball for the Muckers for 10 years. This year was his first time coaching at the varsity level and he took the varsity team to the state tournament.

Just after the tournament during a well-deserved family vacation he went to visit the doctor after experiencing some stomach pains and was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage 4. He just had surgery for the cancer in his colon and we can only pray that all of it was removed.

Coaches and teachers and people of Nye County, can give this family a merry Christmas by showing them that they are not facing this disease alone by simply liking the “Walk for cancer for Javier Gonzalez” page on Facebook,

Gonzalez is a fighter and there are fundraisers being planned to help out his family. He has touched all of Nye County working in juvenile probation and through his coaching. The first fundraiser will be on Jan. 25 at 5:30 p.m. at the convention center in Tonopah. Lisa Westerlund is organizing this event.

“So many things are in the works right now. I am working on a fundraiser page where out of town people can donate as we speak. I should have that up and running by the weekend. Tickets for the dinner, raffle and silent auction can be purchased in advance or at the door and raffle tickets will be sold at the event. On Monday I will be coming to the newspaper office to schedule the ads I will be running up to the event, feel free to contact me if you would like, 775-482-5514,” she said.”

So far support has come from all parts of the county.

The Nye County School District came out in support of Javier and his family. People are coming from all over to express their support.

In addition, there will be walks scheduled in Pahrump, Beatty and Tonopah to help raise money for his cancer fight and the walks will be called, “The Javier Gonzalez Walk for Cancer.” The Pahrump walk will be on March 8, the Beatty walk will be on March 15 and the Tonopah walk will be on March 22. Price will be $20 a ticket to walk or whatever you can donate. No one will be denied.

The Facebook page already has thousands of views and already has over 500 likes in two days.

Here is a sample of the sentiments being expressed on the page.

Joanne McNamar Campbell said, “My prayer and wish for Christmas is a Christmas miracle for Harvey, a complete healing that will baffle all the doctors and nurses. Please dear Lord, touch and heal Harvey.”

Cindy Noyes Warrick wrote, “OK mighty women (and men) let’s unite in the spirit of love to help this amazing family. Support means everything to a family (like my own, both my Mom and Dad have had cancer) that have been in a similar situation.”

Travis Smith lives in Idaho and said, “I can’t attend the walks, because I live in Idaho, but I wish Javier Gonzalez all the luck in the world. I’m pulling for you man. I know what it is like to have your world turned upside down. I just beat stage two Hodgkin Lymphoma. Stay strong man.”

Kelsey Murray wrote, “Javier Gonzalez is such an amazing man, the best coach, and loving individual anyone is lucky to meet. My prayers are with Harv and the Gonzalez family through this rough time. God is with you. Love y’all.”

Shay Ryan said, “I would like to attend all three walks. Just waiting for dates and I know a few people that can’t do the walks but would love to donate money.”

Jo Eason will be heading up this walk in Tonopah and she can be contacted at 775-224-5155. All three walks will be three miles. Tickets will go on sale soon.

If you would like to be involved in one or all three walks contact Vern at 775-727-5102. People are needed in Beatty to set up the walk. Checks will be accepted in the name of Cori Gonzalez at Nevada State Bank.

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