Golf changes regional playoff format

The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association announced a change in playoff format at the beginning of the school year for boys and girls golf this year.

According to assistant director of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Donnie Nelson, a change was made in the boys and girls regional playoff format. Last year both boys and girls played only a one-day regional playoff.

In past years, the boys always played two days and the girls one. This year the boys coaches sought to go back to their two-day format.

Nelson said the change was made last year for gender equity issues and this meant the boys had to play only one.

In order for the boys to go back to playing a two-day format, the coaches had to vote on the issue and this meant the girls’ coaches had to want to have two days too.

Nelson said at first that it didn’t seem like the girls’ coaches were going to change, but they did go for the two-day format.

Nelson said the change goes into effect this season.

Pahrump Valley High School golf coach Bob Hopkins was excited for the change.

“What happened was there were a lot of boys’ coaches that coach girls too that wanted the change to come about,” Hopkins said. “We want the two days for the boys. I think the cream rises to the top in a two-day playoff as opposed to just a one-day format. Anyone can have bad first day.”

The change will go into effect this season for the girls and spring for the boys.

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