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Myers and McQuarrie take home wins in Pahrump Valley 500 Club

Lorena Myers and George McQuarrie took home wins in their divisions of the Pahrump Valley 500 Club’s 3-6-9 bowling event on Saturday at the Pahrump Nugget Bowling Center.

Myers took home first place in her division of the PV 500 Club tournament. She bowled a total of 829 with games of 203, 235 and 165, to go along with a handicap of 226.

This first-place finish was a great improvement from her Pahrump Valley Tournament Bowl finish last month, where she finished in 34th place. In that event, Myers finished with a total score of 714. She said that the jump in score is owed to her brother.

“Well my brother, who lives in Texas, is a left-handed bowler, but he’s a very, very good bowler,” Myers said. “He gave me some hints, so I started practicing them and I do seem to be bowling better than I did. I seem to be bowling a lot better.”

Debbie Varner and Debbie Rucker followed behind Myers to round out the top three of their division. Varner finished with a total of 806 pins. She had games of 179, 254 and 176 to go along with a handicap of 194. Rucker finished with a total of 793 pins. She had games of 193, 173 and 166 to go along with her handicap of 261.

McQuarrie finished in the top spot of the Groupies division. He ended with a total of 858 pins. McQuarrie had games of 207, 234 and 234 to complement his handicap of 183.

“You know what’s funny?” Myers said. “The one time I bowled as a partner with him in Vegas, we actually won money there together as a team. So that was funny, the one time I do take first place is when I bowl with George again.”

Ed Poland and Walt Kuver closed out the top three finishers for the Groupies division. Poland, who finished in second place, had games of 233, 223 and 195. He had a handicap of 156, which gave him a total of 807 pins.

Kuver, who finished in third place, improved from his last tournament finish of 16th place. He had games of 245, 224 and 233 to go along with a handicap of 91. Kuver finished with a total of 793 pins.

On top of winning their divisions, McQuarrie and Myers also finished first and second for the Handicap Side Pot.

McQuarrie took home over $31 for the side pot, to go along with his division winnings. Myers received $30 from the side pot, to go along with her division winnings as well.

The Scratch Side Pot was split between Frank Medina, Kuver and McQuarrie. Medina took home the top amount of $25, to go along with his winnings from the Handicap Side Pot.

Sue Wooten was the sole winner of the 50/50 raffle prize. She also finished in 12th place of her division, with a total of 758 pins. Sue had games of 173, 180 and 189 to go along with her handicap of 216.

A special thank you goes out to Barbara Wilson and Diane Courtney for helping with the tournament.

The next tournament at the Pahrump Nugget will be on Saturday, Sept. 25. This tournament will be a PVTBC event. The event will be a Certified 8-9 Pin No Tap Singles event. There will also be HDCP and Scratch side pots. The event starts at 1:00 p.m.

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