Next year a whole new year for Beatty football

Beatty football heads to the locker room until next year. The team went 1-5 in league and 2-5 overall. For the Hornets, it was a rough year with only two seniors and just four returners from last year. It was definitely a year of rebuilding.

Hornets Coach Leo Verzilli had nothing really to say about playing the Spring Mountain Golden Eagles in their last game of the year last Friday, where his team was beaten 54-0.

“They were huge. We played as well as we could have played,” he said.

Verzilli loves football and loves coaching the game and says next year he will be back with an experienced crew.

“We had a team meeting and everyone that can will be back. I look forward to next year with this group of guys. Hopefully they will gain some weight. Jake Zamora had a great three years with me as quarterback and we will miss him and Freddie Costanzo who was a hard charger at fullback will also be missed. The highlight of our year was probably coming back and beating Round Mountain. For next year, we have a year’s worth of experience under our belt and about 18 players would be coming back to play the following year,” Verzilli said.

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