Pahrump bowler, Reynolds, has three 300-games this year

A local bowler is on a roll and bowled two 300 games within two days.

Jim Reynolds was having a great day when he bowled a 300 game on April 24 and that day turned into a great week when he bowled another 300 game on April 26.

He said it was the first time he bowled back-to-back 300 games. He also has bowled two 300 games in one game and that same month he bowled four 300 games in a month in 2016.

A humble Reynolds points to the conditions and his bowling balls.

“It’s the first time I have done that,” he said. “I think the day-to-day conditions on the alley are different. But the conditions have been good, dryer.”

He said another factor that contributed to his 300-game was his bowling balls.

“I have a couple of good balls,” Reynolds said. “I have a Mission Unknown and a Track MX10.”

He said those balls are hard to get and good balls for bowling at the Nugget.

But Nugget Bowling manager Lori Smith, who rarely speaks out, said Reynolds should stop talking about conditions and give himself credit.

“We oil the alleys the same way all the time,” she said. “The conditions could change depending on environment, but Reynolds needs to take credit. He is a great bowler.”

Maybe he is on a run and will top his last run.

Reynolds said he had 10 perfect games up until this year and then he got three this year. At 75, Reynolds is in six bowling leagues presently. He is not slowing down.

“I would say that bowling is keeping me going,” he said. “I think it’s good to keep moving as seniors and if you look at the alley, most seniors are out bowling.”

Other recent top bowlers are Terry Ryan, who had an 825 series on April 11, and Bill Santoro, who bowled a 300 game on April 20.

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