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Poland, Ayres get division wins in PVTBC event

Ed Poland and Kali Costa Ayres won their divisions in the Pahrump Valley Tournament Bowling Club event on Saturday.

Saturday’s event was a Certified Snakebite 10-pin no-tap singles tournament that featured 72 bowlers. In addition to any winnings that bowlers would get from the finishing places, bowlers also received a $10 gift certificate to Smith’s if they bowled a natural strike in the third, sixth and ninth frame of any single game.

Four players were able to complete the “Turkey Shoot” by getting the three strikes: Dale Bystedt, Randy Gulley, Tim Morlan and John Correa.

Poland, who won the A Division, finished with a total score of 770 pins. He had games of 199, 193 and 225 to go along with his handicap score of 153.

Derek Correa and Mike McNeley rounded out the top three for the A Division. Correa, who came in second place, finished with a total score of 764 pins. He had games of 229, 123 and 234 to go along with his handicap score of 178.

McNeley came in third place just three pins behind Correa. He had games of 204, 179 and 214 to go along with his handicap score of 164.

Angel Bringas, David Zonfrilli, Mark Hansen, Randy Gulley and William Latislaw were the remainder of the players who finished in the prize positions. They had total scores of 758, 744, 740, 727 and 727, respectively.

Ayres, who won the B Division, finished the day with a total score of 812 pins. He had game scores of 244, 163 and 211 to go along with his handicap score of 194. Ayres’ total score of 812 led the entire tournament.

“It was tough,” Ayres said of his win. “I set myself up so I would just stick with one routine. It came washing up on me in the 2nd and 3rd games because there were so many good competitors there. It gave me a good sense of urgency to try harder next time.”

Ayres would like to give a thank you to his family and friends for supporting everything that he does.

Janet Hansen followed up Ayres with a total score of 781 pins. She finished with games of 192, 168 and 222 to go along with her handicap score of 199.

Tom Dragna completed the top three for the B Division. He finished with games of 205, 140 and 195, to go along with his handicap score of 237, for a total of 777 pins.

Gary Aune, Fran Gobbi, Ralph Johnson, Linda Rex, Martin Aune, Phyllis Hall, Linda Byrd and Connie Rupe were the rest of the players who finished in prize positions for the B Division. They had scores of 770, 765, 761, 758, 757, 753, 743 and 739, respectively.

Johnson’s third game score of 279 was the highest single-game score for the entire tournament.

Ayres, Janet Hansen and Dragna finished in the top three spots for the Handicap Side Pot. Each bowler walked away with a bonus prize, along with the rest of the top 13 overall bowlers of the day.

In the Scratch Side Pot, only Jim Sparlin, Poland, Bystedt and John Correa took home prize money. Sparlin’s score of 669 gave him top honors for the side pot.

Congratulations goes to Kathy Wheeler for winning the 50/50 raffle that was going on throughout the tournament.

Debbie Varner would like to thank Larry Tobey for his help at the check-in desk and would also like to thank Kathy Wheeler for helping with the 50/50 raffle tickets and the side pot entries.

The final PVTBC event of the 2021 season will take place on Saturday, Dec. 18, at 1 p.m. The last event will be a Certified no-tap singles event. Varner and Dee Runau will be the directors of the tournament.

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