Speedway will have two days of racing for Fall Festival

For those that have a need for speed and are not into cowboys, the Pahrump Valley Speedway will have two days of action-packed racing in a row at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday for the Fall Festival.

The quarter-mile dirt track features local racers who race in eight classes, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Dwarfs, Hobby Stocks, Bombers, Coupes and Mini Dwarfs.

For pricing and tickets see pahrumpvalleyspeedway.com

The last time the speedway raced was on Sept. 9.

The following are the results: Modifieds: Clifton King (93), Andrew Vanthof (11AV), Matt Belcher (66); Mini Stocks: Tyler Murphy (21), Alex Murphy (8), Janell Layne (77); Coupes: Scott Brady (55), Allen Lokey (89), Michael DeCroff (54), Anthony Broadhead (19), Mike Belcher (DNS); Dwarfs: Shawn Moore (66), Billy Kalogeras (0); Hobby Stocks: Jared Ward (28), Chad Broadhead (61); Bombers: Gary Wyatt (33), Mike Layne (77), Steve Dinerstein (74), Arlie Daniel (10); Mini Dwarf beginners: Ian Oscarson (10), Shae Pooler (9), Keldan Fredrickson (22), Ashton Dean (95A), Addy Murphy (12), Jim Burke (8). Mini Dwarf juniors: Anthony Montanez (18), Jace Jensen (8), Karlos Gonzalez (100); Mini Dwarf Seniors: Joshua Slusher (3), Aiden Murphy (51), Kohlzin Park (5), Khylarann Park (42), Joe Scheer (ps1).

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