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This Week In Sports

Pahrump Valley Speedway results:

March 5, 2016 race results

Modifieds: 1. 12w Bryan Wulfenstein, 2. 49 John Laughlin, 3. 44 Anthony Pierce; Super Stock: 1. 22 Jason Pike, 2. 49 Dale Daffern, 3. 44 Rylan Foster, 4. 8 Matt Belcher, 5. 21 Rafael Flores, 6. 69 Mark Hodges DNS; Dwarfs: 1. 5 Ronnie Williams, 2. 40x Derek Rosse, 3. 9x Scott Kelly, 4. 22d Dustin Loughton, 5. 2x Donovin Williams, 6. 21w Nick Winters, 7. 20w Christopher Winters, 8. 9 Mark Hammill, 9. 47x Brett Gamble, 10. 0 Billy Kalogeras, 11. 57 Scott Holloway; Coupes: 1. 88 Mark Daub, 2. 89 Allen Lokey, 3. 10 Jeri Patrick, 4. 19 Cheyenne Grey, 5. 55 Scott Brady; Hobby Stock: 1. 54 Eric Hallet, 2. 66 Jabez Broadhead, 3. 17 CJ Broadhead, 4. 11 Anthony Broadhead, 5. 52 Terry Simkins DQ; Mini Stock: 1. 14 Brady Gladd, 2. 1 Evan Felker, 3. 77 Janel Layne, 4. 26 Tom Peticolas, 5. 4 Eugene Felker, 6. 63 David Bodendorfer, 7. 66 Robert Pearson, 8. 7 Dusty Layne, 9. 17 Anthony Martin DQ, 10. 11 Anthony Broadhead DNS; Mini Dwarf Sr: 1. 23 Jake Pike, 2. 10 Jaiden Pike, 3. 40 Kaylin Wabsis; Mini Dwarf Jr: 1. 32 Tanner Gott, 2. 12 Cade Wulfenstein, 3. 29 Jace Wulfenstein, 4. 36 Wyatt Wells, 5. 3 Joshua Slusher, 6. 5 Kohlzen Park, 7. 8 Jace Jensen.

Junior Trojans wrestling went to the Nevada State Junior Wrestling Championships at Primm on Feb. 21.

The following wrestlers won medals: Standing from left to right: Dylan Wright (112 lbs.) 4th, Henry Amaya (105 lbs.) 1st, Ashton McClard (55 lbs.) 6th, Gabriel Cain (95 lbs.) 6th, Brennen Benedict (75 lbs.) 1st, Joseph Barton (70 lbs.) 6th, Blyson Maraquez (60 lbs.) 3rd and Alexa Kumm (50 lbs.) 7th.

Letters to the sports editor

Hello Vern,

This is Craig (in response to Feb. 17 column.) I started the travel baseball team, though I thoroughly agree with the premise of your commentary. Most kids do not have the work ethic, this is parent-based, but to state that kids do not need club ball is simply not true. Every kid excelling in their sports play club ball or AAU etc. The problem is your statement that kids will achieve their championship goals by work ethic. How do they do that without year-round sports? This is what club ball provides. The problem is parents don’t want to put forth the time or effort. They are OK with our seasonal sports because takes little effort and kids are out of their hair for each sport whether they can play or not and yes our town is about participation and “excelling” within our town. We then complain that we can’t compete with Vegas. Well we could if we put forth that effort. The problem is that it is too much work, time, effort and costly.

Unfortunately, I know firsthand of what I speak. My son Cyle plays for a 13u majors team in Vegas for baseball, which is a seven days a week commitment between practices and tournaments, but he is excelling at his chosen sport so it is worth it. He also plays basketball as a hobby as he says and perhaps when he plays here for the high school his commitment can be a motivation to other kids and parents who you speak of. Unfortunately, I don’t have faith it will, but it will not change what I do. Also, to use a golfer as your point about club sports is a bit absurd. Golf is an individual sport that is not in need of a club team to participate or get better.

Anyway, I am very glad you wrote your commentary because it is true. I want nothing more than for our town to be a force in sports. But I’m one person, as you are. Anyway, thank you. I respect what you do and quite honestly, it probably would be far more enjoyable if you could write about our successes and not continued failures.

Craig Havel

Great article “Golf is a sport, it really is….

Having competed in most all sports, I can firmly state it is not only a sport, it is one of the hardest to learn and play well.

Most popular sports are team sports. There you must learn to play with others and rely on them as well. Not so with golf. Golf is unique in that it’s just you, the ball and the course. Nobody is guarding you, blocking you or yelling at you. You are on your own.

And… even if you play the same course over and over, no shot you take is ever the same.

Different lies, distances, wind/no wind, downhill lies, uphill lies, heavy grass, no grass, sand traps and shooting over water and greens that change by the hour and various pin placements.

It is not only a physical game but a true thinking man’s game as well.

And… speaking of Tiger Woods, one of the world’s best-ever players, he forever changed it by keeping himself in top physical condition and thus made many of today’s players do the same.

Golf is indeed a sport. One of the best sports games ever invented.

Walt Whittier

‘Here we go’: Tonopah coach gets ready for next year

TONOPAH — A retired Nye County Sheriff’s sergeant who traveled the nation has parked his RV in Tonopah once again to coach the Muckers baseball team.

Sportsman’s Quest: The Story Teller

The time of hunting and fishing conventions has come to an end and the hunting guides-outfitters have returned home to prepare for another season. I’m left with my head full of new stories and my sides still aching from laughing at the crazy tales and humorous, if sometimes dangerous, adventures we’ve shared at vendor booths, in the hallways, hotel rooms and yes, while sipping a beverage in the local “watering holes.”

JIM BUTLER DAYS: Horseshoes group honors Tonopah founder

Six competitive horseshoe pitchers met in a Nevada town with roughly 2,000 residents and home of the Clown Motel, which is next to a cemetery that dates back to 1901 in Tonopah.

Pahrump Valley baseball | 3 Trojans make top 100 in division

The defending state champion Pahrump Valley baseball weren’t able to bring home another title this season, but three standouts for the Trojans ranked in the top 100 players in the 3A division for their batting averages.

Off-roaders compete in 60-mile Beatty poker run

Beatty was filled with off-road enthusiasts for last month’s BigHorn Outback Explorers’ annual Poker Run. In all, 176 vehicles, including ATV’s, UTV’s, Jeeps, and trucks, took to the 60-mile route through Beatty’s outback backyard

Pahrump Valley baseball gets fifth straight win

Sitting undefeated in the 3A South-Mountain baseball standings, the Pahrump Valley Trojans got their fifth win in a row.

PVHS slowly catching up to No. 1 The Meadows

Kayne Horibe (8) has been essential in the last two games the Pahrump Valley baseball team has played, earning the most RBIs on the team.

Trojans home run isn’t enough for win

A home run from Madison Rodriguez (6) wasn’t enough for the Pahrump Valley softball team to beat the Sports Leadership & Management (SLAM) Bulls in a conference game on Wednesday.