Nye County K-9 deputy sheriff retires

K-9 Kane now enjoys the outdoors since he retired after more than six years of service at the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

Commissioners recently voted to retire K-9 Kane at the request of officials who said that the dog couldn’t meet certification standards.

Officials transferred ownership of the dog to Nye County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Rumker, who has been Kane’s handler for the past year.

Rumker, a deputy sheriff based in Round Mountain, said Kane now spends most of his time outside, except for the nights.

When Rumker gets off duty, he said he spends at least an hour playing with Kane, whose favorite activities are playing ball and a tug.

“Kane is very, very driven. He has a high energy, he will chase things non-stop,” Rumker said.

Kane, a Belgian Malinois, attended an eight-week school with other K-9’s in January, and officials said he was the only Nye County Sheriff’s Office K-9 who didn’t exhibit the “prolonged drive” necessary to continue as a sheriff’s K-9.

Rumker said Kane, who will turn 9 in June, is healthy.

“Kane’s energy was great, but he wasn’t consistent enough to stay in a program,” Rumker said.

“I wish he had been able to have the drive that he did have, so we could continue to use him. Unfortunately, that happens to some dogs,” Rumker said.

When dogs don’t have the drive, the K-9 unit can’t use them, Rumker said.

Rumker will pay for all future care, food and medical treatment of Kane.

The county will not be responsible for K-9’s medical bills, unlike law enforcement officers whose medical expenses are covered upon retiring.

Rumker, who now has a new K-9 officer, said he wants to make Kane “a family dog.”

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