Annual master gardeners event takes place Sunday

Art lovers and garden lovers alike look no further, as an annual event taking place this weekend will offer a mix of the two.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners will hold “Art in the Garden” on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., at their facility located at 1651 E. Calvada Blvd.

The event will feature a mix of master gardeners and local artists displaying their work for all to enjoy.

“Different master gardeners with different areas of expertise are going to do demonstrations,” said Debby Woodland, Master Gardener coordinator for Southern Nye County.

These will be a variety of displays including tables dedicated to cactus gardening, hummingbirds, vegetable gardening and composting, where experts in each field will answer any questions related to their subject.

The public will have the chance to win one of the master gardener’s work, as a raffle will be held to take home a pair of potted plants, letting spectators take home some of the work these green-thumbed experts conduct.

In addition to the master gardeners’ work, several local artist will be on hand painting in the garden.

All this is set to music being played, creating a fun, relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

“It just makes it stroll through the garden, listen to the music, and asking any questions you might have for our master gardeners, and watch our local artists paint.” Woodland said. “It just makes for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.”

Operating as an unveiling of sorts for the garden, those involved with the event helped create an updated look for the facility, which they are eager to show off this weekend.

“The master gardeners paid for new pathways for the garden, so we want to show everybody the garden,” Woodland said.

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