Business Profile: Kris Su

Business: Owner of Java Junkies, 460 S. Highway 160, 775-238-6848.

Age: 38

First job: “My first job was in Las Vegas selling home electronics at 18.”

Background: “I opened my first business at the age of 25. I also ran a tropical fish store in Las Vegas for 2 years. I sold tropical fish and exotics. Now that I have done that, it’s hard to look at fish and even own them. I was glad to get out of that business. It took a lot of time and all the good fish that I wanted are not even legal. At 28, I went into hookah lounges and owned several smoke shops too. At 37, I got into nightclub hosting and at 38 I own the coffee shop.”

Years in business: “I have had my own business now for 13 years.”

Personal: “I like getting outdoors and off-roading. I also like taking my dogs out to enjoy the wilderness.”

Business climate: “The economy is getting better. We have been here for over a year and already people are telling me we have outlasted most that have been here in our building. I think we are doing well and have received a lot of good feedback from people. I personally like to build relationships with people. I enjoy talking to customers on Facebook every day, where we have over 8,000 views. Personal relationships are everything in a small town.”


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