Business Profile: Parry Boone

Parry Boone

The Outpost


1201 S. Highway 160

Suite 101

Background: “I am actually a mountain man and a descendant from Daniel Boone. He is my great-uncle. Here at the store we actually sell mountain man gear for reenactors. I did a lot of reenactments, and I have gone to the Fall Festival as a mountain man… I have been an avid outdoorsman and have done survival stuff for 40 years. My partner, Brian Coalwell also has a background in law enforcement.

First job: “Landscaping with my grandfather.”

Personal: “We are both very busy and when we relax we like to go hiking and shooting.”

Business climate: “I think we have a lot of veterans and people concerned about the community. We teach survival classes once a month and they are free. We want our community to be better prepared. We want the community to be a safer place. Our deal is we try to teach primitive stuff and modern stuff. We both have backgrounds in hunting, fishing, camping, trapping, tracking and surviving outdoors. The store sells survival, tactical, self-defense, knives, survival food and apparel. The next class is at 1 p.m. on Oct. 8.”

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